Charmed Chronicles Updated 2018 Editions

Dear Readers and Friends, 

In case anyone was wondering, I have unpublished the entire Spellbound Prodigies series while I do the revisions on every previously published book. 

My rewrite of the previously published novel, BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN by Sherry Soule now has several new scenes (more romance and suspense!) and I changed the title to "WITCHY WICKEDNESS". And I gave the series a new name, the "Charmed Chronicles." (All the other books previously published in the series will have new titles, too.)

After reading a lot of reviews on the old Spellbound Prodigies series and comments from readers on places like goodreads, I decided to give the novels already published in the series a major overhaul. The one thing that most of the comments and reviews had in common was the lack of romance. Basically, my readers wanted more swoon-worthy scenes and now I am happy to comply! Initially, the romance was more of a subplot. 

One of the first editors that I worked with on the series, the bestselling romance author, Rochelle French advised me to strengthen the romance elements, yet at the time I didn’t want to. Now I wish I had listened. She was right, because as the storyline progressed, it did have a lot of relevance to the story ARC, which I realized as I started working on future books for the series. It needed to become more prominent in order for the series ARC to grow.

And if any book review bloggers are interested in reading and reviewing the 2018 revised editions, please just let me know, I would love more reviews for each newly released publication. 

The Charmed Chronicles is an ongoing YA Urban Fantasy series (serial novels) that unfolds over multiple volumes and is published in sequential installments.

To be honest, this series is me writing the kind of stories that I personally would want to read. It's not about writing for money or to the market or what's popular right now. Just me writing a compelling story with interesting characters that reflect my own likes and desires and passion. I prefer stories with romance, supernatural elements, spine-tingly suspense, and kickass heroines. Maybe other readers will enjoy these types of stories, too. I realize that these books, this entire series, has evolved many times over the last 7 or 8 years. I feel in my heart that each time I revise them, the story gets better and more complex and more intriguing. So if you only liked these books before, I think you'll love them now. 

Please consider rereading them and take a whole new journey with Shiloh and gang in these updated tales that I promise are even more exciting than the original publications.  


If you have any older editions on your eReader, you might want to update them with the new shiny versions, which have been expanded with thrilling scenes, exciting action, and lots of swoony romance! 

Hold onto your holy water, folks. 

From bestselling author Sherry Soule comes the newly updated heart-pounding, genre-defying tale of Shiloh, the snarky, teenage witch. Dive into her epic origin story with rogue demon slayers, über-cool magic, swoony love triangles, page-turning supernatural battles, and loads of toe-curling kisses. 

Read the new 2018 Chilling Adventures of Shiloh, a teenage witch struggling to live in two very different worlds: surviving high school with it's teen angst and dating, and her hellish destiny, hunting the things that go thump in the night.

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*To receive updates and get the most current eBook versions (no charge if you have already purchased or downloaded a book) uploaded to your Kindle automatically:

*Turn on the Annotations Backup* for your Kindle device or Kindle reading app. (This will sync your notes, highlights, eBookmarks, and furthest page read.)

    Go to the Manage Your Content and Devices page
    Select "Automatic Book Update" under the Settings tab
    Select "On" from the drop down menu

Note: The Automatic Book Update feature might not be available for markets outside of the U.S.

Or readers can also contact Amazon directly and request the updated version. I have done it several times when I heard about newer versions of eBooks that I'd previously purchased and wanted to read the most current publication.

If you have previously bought books in this series and want to read the new versions, I am happy to send them to you via email with proof of purchase. Just screenshot an image of BB on your Kindle, or your Amazon digital orders page with the title, or screenshot a copy of the email of confirmed purchased from Amazon. (or any other retailer)

Please let me know in the comments if you like the newly revised editions!

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