The last book in the Charmed Chronicles comes to a stunning conclusion March 2019…

Between vanquishing supernatural creatures, saving humanity, and dating hotties—a witch’s work is never done.

Just as Shiloh accepts all the weirdness in Ravenwood, like her affinity for magic and her duty as a demon slayer, she’s imprisoned in Hemlock Reformatory, which turns out to be less reform-y and more fight-to-the-death. Shiloh will have to tap into her inner-demon to survive this monster infested place or die gladiator-style in the arena.

If she doesn’t find a way to escape Hemlock, a powerful evil will open a doorway into the Underworld. But with the arrival of an eerie carnival in Ravenwood, it all leads to more epic badness for Shiloh. 

Besides like-liking two tortured heroes, searching for the mystical dagger that she needs to cure her of the Darkness, and battling mythical creatures, Shiloh’s afraid time is running out. Because the more demonic magick Shiloh uses, the more addicted she becomes. 

And with that sinister essence building inside her, she’s rapidly becoming the very thing she fights—evil.

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