New Release - BEYOND FALLING STARS - #StarlightSaga

I am happy to announce that the third book in the Starlight Saga, BEYOND FALLING STARS is now on sale. YAY!!!😁

BEYOND FALLING SKIES (book 3) continues right where the last book left off. 

Hayden and Sloane have some new malicious enemies to conquer, like the dreaded appearance of Sector Thirteen, and more than one epic problem to resolve if they hope to save their relationship and get a HEA. 

Now if you've already read, LOST IN STARLIGHT and UNDER SUNLESS SKIES, and your excited about Hayden and Sloane's next thrilling story, I have a favor to ask. 

Please write an honest review of the books and post it on Amazon or goodreads. It can be as long or as short as you'd like. Then leave a comment below with the URL to your review and I will pick two random commenters to win a FREE eBook copy of the third book. 

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Being hunted by alien mutants totally sucks.

    And the threat of imprisonment in a secret underground lab? Even suckier.

Now that Sloane Masterson’s blackmailer has been revealed, and she knows the truth about why Hayden’s been so secretive, she’s ready to put all that epic craziness behind her. 

Besides, Sloane has bigger problems to deal with, like protecting her family from Sector Thirteen and getting Hayden’s snobby parents to accept her as one of them. . .which is proving more difficult than giving up chocolate.

And what better way to win over the ’rents and evade ST than an intergalactic vacay with her smoking’ hot boyfriend’s family?

Sloane and her bestie, Viola Saks, are invited to join the Lancaster brothers for a twisted family reunion on their home planet, an oasis of wicked cool beaches, warm dual suns, and clear blue seas. 

But danger lurks in paradise. . .

Even in this beautiful utopia, Sloane and Hayden’s relationship is never far from higher levels of suckage. They might be vacationing in a galaxy far, far away, but someone still wants her dead.

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