UNDER SUNLESS SKIES - Cover Reveal #StarlightSaga

I finished working on the plot outline for the sequel to LOST IN STARLIGHT. I still get emails from book bloggers and readers asking when I'll publish the next novel in the series, so I'm happy to announce that by summer 2016, the next thrilling episode will be released!

UNDER SUNLESS SKIES (book 2) of the Starlight Saga will continue right where the last book left off. Hayden and Sloane have some nasty new enemies to face and even bigger problems to resolve if they hope to rekindle their romance.

Now if you've already read, LOST IN STARLIGHT and your excited about  Hayden and Sloane's next epic adventure, I have a favor to ask.

Please write an honest review and post it on Amazon or goodreads. It can be as long or as short as you'd like. Then leave a comment below with the URL to your review and I will pick a random a commenter to win a FREE copy of UNDER SUNLESS SKIES when it is published.

USS Book Cover
Volume Two of the Starlight Saga

Heartbreak totally sucks. And trying to win back your wicked hot ex? Even suckier. 

Everything about Sloane’s life has been one big fat lie, and now she doubts everything she thought she knew about herself.

Yet despite her crazy family drama, Sloane’s on a mission to convenience Hayden that they belong together. Too bad he’s so damn stubborn. Overly protective. And beyond frustrating.

But Sloane’s plans are derailed by the unexpected arrival of Sector Thirteen. And when a creepy stranger attacks Sloane and scary mutants start hunting her family, well, things get even more complex.

Add in one more major complication…after Hayden saves Sloane’s life, he leaves a strange residue on her skin that marks her as bait, putting her in the direct path of their enemies.

If Sloane ever hopes to have a normal relationship with Hayden, first they must find a way to get that dangerous mojo to wear off—and fast—before Sector Thirteen catches up to them…

Estimated publishing date: June 31, 2016 

hashtag: #StarlightSaga