Quirky Fictional Character Names

Hello everyone!

So, I like quirky character names that are a bit outlandish and amusing. (Okay, so maybe I got a little carried away, but it was fun!) What do you guys think? 

*~*Macabre Academy Cast of Characters*~*

Serena LeStrange (main character / necromancer)

Harper Von Hexton (harpy)

Magus Von Hexton (mage)

Melody LeStrange (siren / opera singer)

Professor Rig A. Mortis (necromancer)

Harold Faartz (zombie)

Moanica Krane (sorceress / mystery hybrid)

Ms. Lore (elf)

Blake Alexander Bloodsworth, the third (vampire)

Dante Grimstone (grim reaper)

Gennie Jinn (genie)

Veronica van der Wail (banshee)

Goranna “Anna” Viperson (gorgon)

Adrian DeGrowl (bear-shifter)

Davina Allure (succubus)

Blaze Sparks (fire elemental)

Evilyn Fury (erinye)

Nick Nightly (vampire)

Amy Majo (witch)

Khalid Wolfenstein (werewolf)

Portia Geist (evil ghost)

Dean Circe Witchbane (witch)

Professor Monstera (humanoid plant monster)

Professor Werlock (sorcerer)

Raiden Tempest (grim reaper)

Tian Long (Hydra)

Calaca Marrow (Osteokin)

Necole D’Kay (necromancer)

Daemon Graves (necromancer)

Horus Ankh (Egyptian mummy)

Griffin Lions (gryphon / shapeshift into a lion/eagle hybrid)

Coming 2020!

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