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“…This book makes the reader think. I've never read such a unique mixture of witchcraft, murder, and heated romance. There were quite a few surprises that made my eyes bulge in surprise, and I loved every bit of it. If you love a jaw-dropping ending that will leave you awed, pick up a copy.” —Night Owl Romance Reviews

“…I really loved this book. It reeled you in from the beginning and didn't stop until the very last sentence. It has everything I love in a good book: Paranormal, mystery, the love interest, surprises. If there was a rating higher than 5 stars, this book would have received it. This is the first book I have read in a long time in the paranormal genre that kept me up until the early morning hours.” Paranormal Romance Guild 

Inheriting a haunted house is one thing. Getting hot and bothered by its sexy caretaker is another. But Skylar Blackwell draws the line at voodoo and murder...
Skylar doesn’t believe in things that go bump in the night. After her uncle’s body is discovered with a mosaic of eerie symbols carved into his chest, she moves to his California estate to get logical answers. 

Days after arriving, she’s plagued by haunting nightmares and visits by a terrifying apparition that even she can’t rationally explain away. Things get even more complicated when Skylar’s investigation leads her straight into the arms of the drop-dead gorgeous, Dorian Delacroix. 

With his dark good looks and brooding personality, Dorian is a romance novel hero come to life, but he’s harboring a dark and dangerous secret. One that may end up costing Skylar...her very soul.
Night Owl Reviews

My name is Serena Le'Strange and I’m a necromancer with a secret. It’s not that I’m a horrible liar. Even though, I know it’s wrong to lie about who I really am, I can’t resist the impulse for outrageous deceptions. 

Except I have a good reason to keep my identity a secret.

The disappearance of my twin-sister leads me to search for answers at Macabre Academy.
This is no ordinary college for the magically inclined, it’s home to all supernatural races—even the more dangerous ones. Like Jax, the incredibly gorgeous vampire that refuses to stay in the friend zone. And fighting the mutual attraction is harder than raising the dead.

Someone at Macabre knows the truth about my sister. But if I don’t solve the mystery soon, my lies will catch up to me, and then the grave dirt will really hit the fan.

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