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SHADOW MAGIC by author Sherry Soule

Ghost summoning? No biggie. Raising the dead? Bring it on. Solving my sister’s sudden disappearance? A bit more complicated...

I’m Serena LeStrange, a necromancer with a fondness for animals, who prefers to hide her freakishly fabulous skills from others. Only my sister makes me feel less of a weirdo, so when she mysteriously vanishes from college, I enroll at Macabre Academy to start my own investigation.

Except this is no ordinary school for the magically inclined, it’s home to all monsters—even the most dangerous ones. And after meeting an incredibly gorgeous vampire and a sinfully hot reaper, I find myself entangled in a passionate, yet forbidden, flirtation. To complicate matters, I get stuck with a ghostly genie sidekick and suspect a sinister sorority of misdeeds.

But to solve the mystery, I’ll need all the help I can get. Because someone at Macabre knows what happened to my sister, and I won’t stop until I dig up the truth.

Unfortunately, some dark secrets prefer to stay buried.

A Night Owl Romance Review Top Pick!

Deal with a shoe addiction? Check. Get fired and move to California? Check. Get swept up in a murder mystery? And lust after a brooding estate caretaker? Totally not on the agenda.

When Skylar Blackwell inherits an isolated seaside estate, she scoffs at the rumors that the house is haunted. Skylar doesn’t believe in the things that go bump in the night, but after moving to Nightshade Mansion, she’s tormented by disturbing nightmares and visits from a terrifying apparition. And when the staff starts mysteriously dying and Skylar suspects there’s a murderer practicing black magic on the estate, she realizes her dreams are revealing the house’s dark history.

As the bodies start piling up faster than the designer shoes in her closet, this fashionista knows it’s time to channel her inner-Nancy Drew. Especially, if she hopes to avoid becoming the next victim.

Yet things get even more complicated once she meets the gorgeous, Dorian Delacroix. Powerless against a passionate desire for the enigmatic Dorian, she’s only drawn deeper into Nightshade Mansion’s deadly past, which may end up costing Skylar her very soul.


“…This book makes the reader think. I've never read such a unique mixture of witchcraft, murder, and heated romance. There were quite a few surprises that made my eyes bulge in surprise, and I loved every bit of it. If you love a jaw-dropping ending that will leave you awed, pick up a copy.” —Night Owl Romance Reviews

“…I really loved this book. It reeled you in from the beginning and didn't stop until the very last sentence. It has everything I love in a good book: Paranormal, mystery, the love interest, surprises. If there was a rating higher than 5 stars, this book would have received it. This is the first book I have read in a long time in the paranormal genre that kept me up until the early morning hours.” —Paranormal Romance Guild  

  “…From meeting the mansion’s strange inhabitants, to being haunted by a vengeful ghost, to the deaths that keep on cropping up and the secrets of the mansion, I was enthralled. Immortal Eclipse delivers a lot of chills and scary moments and intrigue that will have you jumping mingled with mystery and intrigue to keep you guessing. I loved Immortal Eclipse for a fresh, scary and unique read and recommend it to anyone into horror movies.” —Happy Indulgence Reviews

“….I love the slow and gradual way he (Dorian) and Skylar come together. And Dorian, along with everyone else at the mansion is a mystery. This story has a very spooky feel. Loved the setting of the old mansion and the grounds around it. I was very engaged and stayed huddled on my couch till' I was done. I found it to be very creative and the murders and the mystery keep you guessing 'till the end. I enjoyed this book very much and I do think it would appeal to someone who enjoys haunted mysteries mixed with a bit of paranormal and splashed with a dash of romance.” —K&T Reviews

“Skylar’s story is EPIC! At times I found myself frequently  holding my breath because there is some pretty scary hauntings going on, but these are tempered by Skylar’s hilarious  snarky comments and her determination not to give in to others. That’s why it gets the highest reading of 10/10 E, and is on my stack of comfort reads - yes I did make sure I read it in daylight!” —Nayu’s Reading Corner




Reese Sinclair has been looking forward a fresh start at Nevermore University until a black cat crosses her path. Reese might be overly superstitious, but she still hopes to escape her incessant bad luck. That is if she doesn't keep casting spells that open portals into mystical cat realms.

But while befriending a local coven, she’s caught up in a nightmare of ominous threats, cursed voodoo dolls, and a string of ritualistic murders. As a student of occultism, Reese can’t say no to the campus witches when asked to help solve the crimes. With her college life burning up in hellish flames, Reese is certain of only one thing—she shouldn't have come to Nevermore…

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