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Welcome to Macabre Academy!

Macabre Academy (MA): A supernatural college, where preternaturals take “advanced” courses in Silent Hollow, California. It’s a magical place where students embrace and celebrate what makes them unique and different.

Macabre Academy was founded by Dean Circe Witchburn and is open to all preternatural lineages. It is the first college to integrate students from both clans in an attempt to spread the message of acceptance among preternaturals, with the eventual hope of a joint society.

MA Motto: All Who Seek Mystical Knowledge Are Welcome!

Most preternaturals live hundreds of years and they don’t start school until age seven or eight. The students enrolled in Macabre Academy are in their final years of education to get a special advanced degree in their field.

Nocturnal students: wear dark-blue uniforms and attend evening classes

Mythical Students: wear purple uniforms and attend day classes

Dean Circe Witchbane: dean and the owner of the land where the school resides. 

Gryphon Tower: main building, where all classes are held. First floor has the admin offices and infirmary. All other floors have classrooms.

Chimerical Archives: Library in a stone structure

Cafeteria: building near Gryphon Tower that offers free food to the students.

Kismet Hall: dorm for first-year students 

Harbinger Hall: dorm for fourth-year students

Arcana Hall: dorm for third-year students 

Vixxen Manor: antebellum mansion, like a female sorority. 

Blackthorn Manor: mansion for male vampires, like a fraternity.

After-Dusk House: mansion for female vampires, like a sorority. 

Lycanthrope Manor: mansion for male werewolves, like a fraternity.

Witchbane Mansion: Staff housing located near the library and cafeteria.

MA Curriculum:

History of Preternaturals (*only class required and open to all students)

Elemental Magic (natural science; controlling the four elements)

Sorcery & Spellwork (casting spells & developing magical skills)

Psychic Arts & Divination (honing cognitive abilities)

Healing Magic (remedial incantations)

Florae & Herbalism (study of flora & herbs used in brewing potions)

Mathemagicks (study of physics and logic magic)

Alchemy & Magical Sciences (study of mystical chemistry)

Beast Mastery (taming and care of magical creatures)

Astrology & Cosmology (study of stars, planets, and parallel universes)

Defensive Spells & Potions (magical defenses and protection)

Myths, Lore, & Urban Legends (history of supernatural folklore)

Supernatural Faunae & Cryptozoologist (study of magical creatures)

Archaic Runology (theoretical study of runic writings)

Conjuration 101 (study of arcane magic)

Bewitchment & Enchantment (attract people, objects, or invoke good and bad luck)

Spirits & Ghouls 101 (study of the afterlife & other dimensions)

Astral Projection (ability of the soul to travel without the body)

Sigils & Protection Wards (creation of magical symbols & protective shields)

Transfiguration & Glamours (change of form or appearance to disguise or beautify)

Potions, Elixirs, & Poisons (recipes using various ingredients)

Talismans, Charms, & Amulets (protection magic embedded into an object)

Occult Studies (paranormal comprehension & philosophy)

Dragonomics (study of dragons and dragon-shifters)

Necromantic Rites (study of necromancy)

Monster Biology (examination of preternatural biology)

Gothic Poetry (study and discussion of creative writing)


Author note: 

The quirky character names are meant to be clever and amusing. (Okay, so maybe I got a little carried away, but it was fun!) And the story has a few frightfully silly puns. 

Genre: Paranormal Mystery Romance (“like” triangle / older university-age characters)

Readership: Upper-YA, New Adult, and Adult

Rating: PG-17; No F-bombs or sex (slow burn / mild sensuality), but there is passionate kissing; Moderate violence and alcohol use.

Now that you’ve been properly warned, boos and ghouls, read on if you dare…

Ghost summoning? No biggie. Raising the dead? Bring it on. Solving my sister’s sudden disappearance? A bit more complicated...

I’m Serena LeStrange, a necromancer with a fondness for animals, who prefers to hide her freakishly fabulous skills from others. Only my sister makes me feel less of a weirdo, so when she mysteriously vanishes from college, I enroll at Macabre Academy to start my own investigation.

Except this is no ordinary school for the magically inclined, it’s home to all monsters—even the most dangerous ones. And after meeting an incredibly gorgeous vampire and a sinfully hot reaper, I find myself entangled in a passionate, yet forbidden, flirtation. To complicate matters, I get stuck with a ghostly genie sidekick and suspect a sinister sorority of misdeeds.

But to solve the mystery, I’ll need all the help I can get. Because someone at Macabre knows what happened to my sister, and I won’t stop until I dig up the truth.

Unfortunately, some dark secrets prefer to stay buried.

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