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As many of you know, my book trilogy, the Charmed Chronicles are heavily Buffy-inspired and I'm a huge fan of the TV series.


Any other Buffy-loving-fans daydream about a Buffy, The Vampire Slayer reboot or TV series sequel?

I’m a little embarrassed to share this, but I can’t get this idea I have for a current reboot out of my head. I have been thinking about it for a while, but it was the twenty-year reunion that sparked the idea to life again.

I suppose a sequel really depends on what these actors are doing now, and if anyone, including Joss, would even be interested in a show reunion.

I think Netflix would be a good fit because they have some of the best supernatural-type TV shows on right now.

Anyhoo, I have a rough draft outlined with the character ARCs.

Honestly, I’m not sure if this will turn into fan-fiction, or possibly an email plea to Joss Whedon himself.

My version of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer starts about twenty-plus years after the series finale on TV, and mostly deviates away from any storylines featured in the graphic novels, comics, or books, etc. I did include some crossover characters from Angel because, well, I really liked them and wanted more of their story. Plus, I wanted to bring some characters back to life that died because a reboot just wouldn’t be the same without them in my humble opinion.


Vampires have evolved over the years and no longer have bumpy foreheads. They are stronger and faster. (More like True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals type vamps.)

Demons are much scarier and more sinister.

All villains are evil, yet still have a humorous edge.

Werewolves have evolved too and now become actual wolves.

Although, the Hellmouth is closed in Sunnydale, its magical essence remains and it still attracts mystical creatures who want to weld that power in different ways. And different demonic factions want to try to convert Buffy’s teenage daughter to the dark-side to use her powers to rule the world.

But there are no “world-ending” tropes because that doesn’t make sense to me. If the world ends, even the bad guys would die. And this holds especially true for vampires because they would die if humans were extinct. Who would they feed on? Yeah, no Happy-Meals with legs. Or necks…

So the villains in this version only want stuff like world domination, or maybe to eradicate a rival species or an enemy (like Slayers), or they crave power, or want to make humans into slaves, etc.  

In the newly rebuilt Sunnydale…


Shortly after the Hellmouth in Sunnydale was decimated, Buffy Summers (actor Sarah Michelle Gellar) met up with Riley Finn six months after his wife died in a demon fight and they shared one night of passion. Nine months later, Buffy gives birth to a daughter, Zoey, who is born with both Buffy’s super slayer powers and Riley’s enhanced DNA.

Not wanting to burden Riley with a child, Buffy decides not to tell him, and then loses touch with him, thinking after all these years that he is dead. As her child grows older, Buffy tells her daughter that her father was a soldier who died in a war as a hero overseas.

After roaming the world and fighting evil, Buffy decides to move back to the newly rebuilt Sunnydale, assuming it was safe now that the Hellmouth was buried. Buffy is tired of life on the road with her daughter and promised Zoey that they would finally settle down. They move into an old Victorian home that happens to be haunted.

Career: Buffy has become a successful bounty hunter for both demons and humans, working for a somewhat shady ex-demon.

Character Flaw: Buffy is having an identity crisis. If she is no longer the only Chosen One, then who is she? Mom? PTA member? Bounty hunter? Ex-Slayer? While she flounders, she tries different ways to “find herself” and often gets into conflicts with Cordelia. Like trying to outdo her in a fundraiser, bake sale, etc..

Conflict: Buffy and her daughter are polar opposites. Buffy tries to tell her daughter that she has a destiny, but Zoey is very anti-slayer. And her daughter has zero interest in shopping or cheerleading or slaying.


Willow Rosenberg (actor Alyson Hannigan) has created a cure for vampirism. (Of course, vampires are reluctant to take the remedy.) And Willow has become a leader of the local witchcraft community, and she also teaches a weekly class on science and magic.

Most importantly, Willow has become a healer within the supernatural community to atone for her ‘Dark Willow’ days. Paranormals come to her for advice and healing.

Career: She is now a renowned medical examiner, who works in the local morgue and helps both the “next generation,” along with the police (even the X-files of the FBI) to solve mysterious cases.

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (actor Alexis Denisof) was accidently resurrected by a necromancer, and went to Willow for help. She ran tests on him, they became good friends, and six months later, they became romantically involved and got married. They had a child together, a magical badass with a chip on her shoulder, who attends the local high school.

Career: Wesley is a police consultant and a stay-at-home dad.


Spike (actor James Marsters) was Willow’s first test subject and he is now human, but still a badass, although he has aged somewhat. He now goes by the name William. (Only Xander still calls him Spike.) He feels very protective of Buffy’s daughter and loves to go to poetry slams at the local coffee house. He is writing a book about his life as a vampire that he swears is better than any fiction Anne Rice wrote. He even has an agent and publishing deal. He used his advance to buy a mansion near a graveyard. William also helps Willow find vamps and tries to get them to take the cure.


Xander Harris runs his own successful construction company and he married Cordelia Chase and they have two kids, a teen boy and a girl. The girl is besties with Buffy’s daughter. Although, these two characters are basically happily married, there is some tension because Xander still secretly misses Anya.

Xander Harris (actor Nicholas Brendon) is much more alpha male now (like he was in The Pack, but without the evil) and a shrewd businessman. He moved back to Sunnydale because he won a bid to help restore the town. He is overseeing most of the reconstruction. Xander is now the wealthiest and most powerful man in Sunnydale.

Cordelia Chase-Harris (actor Charisma Carpenter) was given a second chance by the Powers that Be and she was returned to Earth in her human form. Cordelia is the head of the PTA and several other organizations around town and at the school. She is very competitive and pushes her daughter into cheerleading, prom queen, and beauty pageants. She loves being Mrs. Harris and married to the richest man in town. She constantly challenges Buffy and makes her feel like a bad mother. The only person who is able to put her in her place is Xander, who she adores. She has become one of those overbearing moms, who tries to control her daughter’s life.


Zoey Summers is the polar opposite of her mom, Buffy. She is bookwormy, smart, and lead reporter for the school newspaper (a nod to Veronica Mars). She dresses somewhat goth/emo in dark colors and combat boots. Zoey likes to write morbid poetry, and she is a big reader, loves being a reporter, and she likes helping Spike edit his book. She knows who she is and what she wants out of life. She hates traveling and is excited about setting down roots. (She lies and tells the other kids at school that she was a military brat who moved around a lot previously.)

Conflict: Unlike Buffy, she hates shopping and cheerleading. She loves her mom, but wishes that Buffy “got her.”

She is unlike any other Slayer the world has ever seen. Her powers include: TBD

Drake is a half-demon/half-human boy that becomes Zoey’s romantic love interest. He was sent to Sunnydale to convert Zoey to evil, but he ends up falling in love with her. He struggles with his demon-side.

Ivy Harris is Zoey’s best friend and a budding witch.

Brock Harris is an all-around jock and somewhat of a bully.

Minerva “Mina” Wyndam-Pryce is sweet and soft-spoken. She likes solving mysteries. (Kind of a Velma type from Scooby-Doo.)

Villain: An Upper-level demon, Valona, wants to use the Hellmouth’s leftover power to rule the world and enslave humans. 


Giles (actor Anthony Stewart Head) has taken over as head of the Watchers Counsel and he moved to England, but visits Sunnydale twice a year and is like a grandfather to Buffy’s daughter.

Illyria / Fred Burkle (actress Amy Acker) battles evil and helps Giles.

Gunn (actor J. August Richards) has taken the cure and is no longer a vampire. He’s a retired demon hunter and lives a quiet life now. He visits Sunnydale on occasion.

Angel (actor David Boreanaz) visits the new Sunnydale on occasion, usually to warn Buffy of some impending danger and to help fight any big baddies. He does not want to take the cure, even after Buffy pleads with him to drink it and become human. Angel promises he will take the cure once he has finished an unknown quest.

Dawn Summers (actor Michelle Trachtenberg) has gone onto to college and is now a professor on the occult.

Andrew Wells (actor Tom Lenk) lives in Sunnydale and is principal of the local high school. He flirts with Dawn.

Conner Black (actor Vincent Kartheiser) is very powerful, with all the vampire powers, but none of their weaknesses. (He can enter any house and go out in daylight, etc.) He is a social worker in LA.

Anya Jenkins (actor Emma Caulfield) returns to Sunnydale. In a spell gone wonky, Willow resurrects Anya as a human, who still loves Xander and is jealous of his married bliss.

Harmony Kendall (actor Mercedes McNab) has taken the cure and become a school counselor at the local high school, but offers more advice on fashion and boys, then on college prep.

Faith Lehane (actor Eliza Dushku) is in charge of training the potential slayers at a slayer school in a nearby town.

Riley Finn’s whereabouts are unknown. He went on a mission and was never heard from again…

Daniel “Oz” Osbourne (actor Seth Green) is a successful musician with his own band, Wolfs Bane, and he visits Sunnydale on occasion, mainly to visit Willow and friends.

Drusilla (actor Juliet Landau) is outraged when she finds out that Spike is human and tries to get him to become a vampire again. Will she succeed?

If you’re interested in a Buffy #BtVS reboot or series continuation, please leave a comment and let me know what you think! 

 I'm ready to start writing episodes...

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