Happy Halloween!

Darkness descends upon the land and with it comes witches, ghouls, vampires, zombies, mummies, and haunted houses! A time when the veil between the living and spirit world is believed to be the thinnest.
Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the evening of October 31st each year. Traditional activities include trick-or-treating, bonfires, costume parties, visiting "haunted houses" and carving jack-o-lanterns. I love the decorations such as the lit carved pumpkins faces, ghosts and goblins hanging in trees, hay rides, apple cider, hanging out candy to the trick or treaters, and seeing all the different costumes. And I love going to some “haunted” event too.
I love Halloween, because it is the time of year to revel in the ghostly delights or go to a Halloween party and dress up. I love the red, orange, and brown tones of autumn, the crisp nights, and the possibility of being spooked. I enjoy decorating my house with tons of Halloween adornments like, hanging skeletons, black crows peering down from bookshelves, lots of candles, orange and purple stringed lights, and skulls.
Halloween has a sense of whimsy, creativity, and anticipation. On Halloween, you can be someone who you've always wanted to be, you can eat candy like a kid again, you can scare people, dance like nobody recognizes you—because they don't, and wander around at night.
I still love other holidays like Christmas, but Halloween has remained my favorite holiday since childhood. Maybe it's because of the wonderful change from summer to fall hues, or the fun and inventiveness of making my own costume each year. And now the excitement of what my kids are going to be, but I continue to look forward to October 31st every year.
Let's not forget all the awesome scary movies that come out in the theaters or the endless hours of horror movie marathons on TV. And it seems I’m drawn toward TV shows that have a paranormal/supernatural/horror premise. I love that there is a lot of new shows this fall with a supernatural slant.

Why do vampires brush their teeth regularly? To avoid bat breath 
 Where do Ghosts go sailing? Lake Eerie
What do vampire sailors call their ships? Blood Vessels
Why was the witch thrown out of school? She couldn't learn to spell.
What do you call two witches living together? Broom-mates
What do you call a witch who lives at the beach? A sand-witch
Why did Dracula take cold medicine? To stop his coffin
Why do witches fly on brooms? Because vacuum cleaners are much too heavy

Check out Haunted Houses USA HERE
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Looking for something extra spook to read for Halloween? HERE
Have a safe and happy Halloween this year!

This chilling book is the perfect read for the month of October!



  1. One more show to add to your list is Bedlam on BBC!

  2. American Horror Story is on FX tonight(wed.). It looks like a good show.

    Halloween is my fave holiday as well.

  3. Hey, Vivienne Moss! That does look a good TV show! Love stories about haunted houses.

    I'm going to set my DRV to record it now. :-D


  4. Halloween beats out Christmas and Thanksgiving every time, hands down!

  5. Halloween is my favorite time of year. Witches ride the night, free to be themselves. Zombies free range across the land. Vampires nip you if you aren't looking.

    I love the music, pomp and all of the lovely blog parties. I hope you will join me on mine.


    Lots of giveaways from now until the first week of November.

    Hope to see you there.




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