45 Reasons why I love the Fall season!

The weather is finally cooling down here in California, and while we don't get "seasons" per-say, we do get crisp, autumn days and cold nights.

I used to be a summer girl, but now I look forward to autumn every year in late September, and it's also my birthday month. 

Here are 45 Reasons why I love the Fall season:

1. All. The. Sweaters.

2. Warm pumpkin pie

3. No more worries about leg shaving

4. Snuggling on the sofa with snacks and a scary movie

5. Breathing in the chill, brisk air

6. Comfy, toasty warm pajamas

7. Thanksgiving

8. Halloween candy

9. The leaves changing to beautiful golds, browns, and reds

10. Drinking hot chocolate on wintry days

11. Relaxing with a cozy mystery book

12. Fall Wardrobe

13. The scent of steaming apple cider

14. Thick, warm socks

15. Soft, plush blankets

16. Going to a pumpkin patch on a farm

17. Halloween / Fall decor

18. Feeling thankful for all the good

19. Stomping on crunchy leaves

20. Fall holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday ;-)

21. Crackling fireplace

22. Roasting marshmallows

23. Black Friday

24. Rainy days

25. Chilly nights

26. Fall festivals

27. Halloween Costumes

28. Ghost stories

29. Apple pie with a dash of ice cream

30. Baking cornbread

31. Apple cinnamon scented candles

32. Pumpkins

33. Fall fashion - boots!

34. Harvest Moon

35. Candied yams

36. No need for a tan

37. Visit to an apple orchard

38. Trick-or-treating

39. Decorated front porch displays

40. The smell of wood-burning stoves

41. National Black Cat Day (October 27th)

42. Twinkle lights and autumn flare

43. Mornings are golden and misty

44. Dark nail polish

45. Christmas is just around the corner!


Please share in the comments what your favorite things are about the Fall season.

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