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I hope you are doing well and staying safe. We are living in scary and bizarre times, and I find myself reading and writing a lot more than usual. I finished writing SHADOW MAGIC and both an ebook and paperback edition was published on May 1, 2020. I'm so excited for everyone to read my new book. As always, I hope you enjoy my brand of storytelling. 

To spread the book love, I'm doing a book blog tour and Amazon gift card giveaway with Silver Dagger Tours!

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Ghost summoning? No biggie. Raising the dead? Bring it on. Solving my sister’s sudden disappearance? A bit more complicated…

I’m Serena LeStrange, a necromancer who prefers to hide her freakishly fabulous skills from others. Only my sister makes me feel less of a weirdo, so when she mysteriously vanishes from college, I enroll at Macabre Academy to start my own investigation.

Except this is no ordinary school for the magically inclined, it’s home to all monsters—even the most dangerous ones. And after meeting an incredibly gorgeous vampire and a sinfully hot reaper, I find myself entangled in a passionate, yet forbidden, flirtation. To complicate matters, I get stuck with a ghostly genie sidekick and suspect a sinister sorority of misdeeds.

But to solve the mystery, I’ll need all the help I can get. Because someone at Macabre knows what happened to my sister, and I won’t stop until I dig up the truth. Unfortunately, some dark secrets prefer to stay buried.


Meet Serena LeStrange!

Supernatural powers: A necromancer that uses shadow magic. 

Study: Resurrection 101. Serena hopes to be an animal resurrection expert someday, giving pets and familiars a second chance at life!

Looks: Blue hair, lapis lazuli eyes, peachy skin tone, height 5’6, and slender body.  

Birthday/age: September 27th / 26 years old (Libra).

Favorite color: Black, blue, and purple.

Personality: Serena’s sensitive, clever, and quick-witted, but she can also be tense and restless. She doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinion. She is an instinctive investigator (amateur sleuth), with a knack for figuring out the truth. And as a natural chameleon, she can quickly recover from even the most shameful foot-in-mouth moments. 

Favorite book: Heaven by V. C. Andrews because she can relate to the main character’s daddy issues.

Secret: Serena pretends to be a witch at Macabre, and she doesn’t want to join a clan. 

Favorite things: Serena favors dark chocolate, moonlight walks, nocturnal creatures, and her favorite season is autumn. 

Fashion Style: She always strives to look fashion-fierce! She usually wears a stylish black, V-neck shirt with a jean mini-skirt and Jimmy Choo biker boots beneath her lab coat. While she’s no fashionista, she’s a trendy necromantrix—dang it.

Weird flaws: Awkward around cute guys, likes graveyards, and hates being stared at by other necromancers because of her blue hair color.

Favorite activity: Binge-watching Netflix with her bestie, Gennie Jinn. 

Pet Peeve: If anyone annoys her, she confronts them, which gets her into trouble.

Quirk: Serena collects soft fabric voodoo dolls and displays them on a shelf above her bed.

Favorite food: Pizza and strawberry ice cream!

Thank you so much for allowing me to chat up my new series. I sincerely hope you guys enjoyed this post. Now go feed your mind with a book. Preferably one of mine. :-D  Read an excerpt of this novel HERE

What are you currently reading? Let me know in the comments!

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