Love Triangle Tropes in Fiction

I get why some people might be sick of the love triangle tropes in TV shows and books, but they don't bother me.

Because I like love triangles. The great ones can add spicy drama and juicy suspense while the heroine, along with the reader, tries to figure out which boy the heroine will choose. Plus, having the heroine hanging with two different hot guys can reveal differing sides of her personality as she interacts with each one in various scenarios. 

For me, I like some romance in my books, movies, and TV series. It can be a little or a lot, but I prefer storylines with romance. Sure, I’ve read a few novels and watched shows that I’ve enjoyed without any romance, but the ones most dear to my heart are the ones with romantic elements.

And I recognize that the “love triangle” is a fairly common trope in paranormal romance books. I have love triangles in the Charmed Chronicles and in the Macabre Academy series

Most writing advice states to write what you like to read, and I enjoy love triangles in my fiction, in both young adult and adult novels, as well as in the TV shows and movies that I watch. I take pleasure in reading about those conflicted, gorgeous, funny, sexy, yet more than a little bit flawed characters that compete for the heroine’s heart. I think the tempting attraction, the lustful yearnings, and even the forbidden love trope can be enthralling for readers ans fans of TV shows, too. 

The conflict, the indecision, the crazy jealousy can be suspenseful and thrilling. I personally love guessing whom the heroine will choose, and how the two male leads both compete for her heart. So, my readers should expect even more serious romantic intrigue in my future publications.

I enjoy books that sizzle off the pages with romantic conflict and keep the reader flipping sides. 
It’s a tough decision for a heroine to make between the strong bonds of lust and the passionate connection she shares with the other male. 

And the best part? I am going to let my readers vote on who they’d like to see my heroines choose in the end. I, of course, will make the final decision, but reader’s can have some say in helping the heroine(s) and me decide whom to finally give her heart to...either the brooding and charming bad-boy or the flawed and heroic alpha male.

Let me know in the comments which team you're on now and why!

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