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Recently, I’ve unpublished the older books in the Spellbound Prodigies series (renamed the Charmed Chronicles) and started major rewrites. Now the 2018 editions of more epic romance, sizzling character chemistry, and thrilling suspense. But because I am still basically an unknown author trying to break through that invisibility barrier and build a readership, I could use your help.

And now I need YOUR support

Indie authors mostly rely on word-of-mouth by their passionate readers and the kindness of book bloggers to host guest posts or interviews on their blog and the awesomeness of reviewers to post reviews to help promote an author’s published books.

But sometimes that is not enough....
I have been marketing the heck out of my books, but I am only one person doing all the promoting, marketing, and advertising. I'm not whining, but it is very time-consuming and takes away from my "writing-new-books" time. Most days, I feel like a medium fish in a really huge pond. And it is not an easy job to do alone. That’s where you come in… 
One of my goals is to create a VIP team to basically help me spread the word by asking loyal fans of my storytelling style to share their love of my books with others so I can reach a larger audience. This is a great way to pay-it-forward and support one of your favorite Indie authors. (Me!) So, I am reaching out to you guys and I'm hoping some of you will be kind enough to offer your help.

The objective?

I would like to build a wider readership and gain new readers. Not just get more sales. 

What’s in it for you by joining my team?

You will receive an early edition (pre-publication) copies of any new books before they are available for sale to the public or any other book reviewers.

You can join my secret society: Author Sherry Soule Members Only Group to participate in open discussions on books, ask me any questions about the writing process or about the characters, gain insight into indie publishing, and basically anything else you’d like to talk about. You will also get to know me personally and the other teammates. (A great way to make new friends!)

Finish monthly tasks
A monthly giveaway for the VIP street team only if you complete the assignment. The prizes will include things like bookmarks, signed books, your name featured in the next book, or get a mention on the acknowledgments page. (All monthly missions are optional.)

If you have a blog or website, you will obtain first pick of any promos / giveaways /special events / guest posts / Twitter launch parties / book cover reveals.

Receive a stack of cool bookmarks and/or other swag.

Get awesome promo banners and buttons to share or post on your sites.
And so much more!

A few ways you can help:

* Talk the books up and share promo materials with friends & family & other readers to help spread the word. And please encourage them to post reviews.

* Buy my books the first week of release, which helps it get on the bestseller lists.

* Ask your local library to order my books. Give the librarians the title, name, and ISBN number.

* If my books aren’t on the shelves of local stores, please ask the bookseller to order it.

* Take promo materials (bookmarks, postcards, etc. which I will provide if you join) to your local bookstores and place them with the booksellers. Or slip them inside other books in the same genre lining the shelves. You can leave them with libraries or coffee shops, too.

* Take promo materials (bookmarks, postcards, excerpts, etc.) to your local reading group, writer group or book club to share with other members.

* Or you can simply, feature interviews, reviews, excerpts or my guest posts via your blog, website, Facebook page, Twitter, or MySpace page, etc.

* Send out weekly or monthly tweets to your followers about my books and include links to the excerpts and/or purchase links.

* Visit during online appearances (promos, blog tours, Twitter chats, etc.)

* Share your (honest) review of the book via Amazon and Barnes and and goodreads.

* Create a fan-based book trailer and post it on YouTube with a link to buy my books.

* Encourage others to follow my Twitter, Facebook page, goodreads, and blog, and even sign up via email on my Amazon page to receive notices when new releases are published.

* Join in on #MondayBlogs on Twitter and share your reviews of any of my books.

* Please vote for my books on goodreads lists.

* Please mention my books in message board forums.
That's about it. I just thought it couldn't hurt to ask you guys for help.

So, if you’re interested in joining my VIP team, I’d be honored and thrilled to have you in my secret society of book loving advocates!  

BTW, it is awesome people like you that really help Indie authors find a medium amount of success by sharing the book love, so a heartfelt thanks to all my readers and fellow book friends!

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