HiJinks, a cozy paranormal mystery by author Sherry Soule

 Hi everyone!

I have decided to put the next book in the Macabre Mysteries on hold and write a new novel instead, a cozy paranormal mystery.

And I just fell in love with the character's name: Danika Dreary. Actually, I've already started writing it, and I'm super excited about this new story. I can't wait to share it with you guys. :-)

 A draft of my working blurb:

A quirky matchmaker, a small town murder, and one psychic amateur sleuth...
Thirty-year-old Danika Dreary’s life is a hot mess. After her latest soul-crushing crisis, Danika moves in with her eccentric grandma, Elise.

But there’s a catch: Danika must work at Hijinks within the quant town of Mystique, California. Except this is no ordinary new-age shop, it’s also where Elise—a legendary matchmaker—helps the lonely residents find love.

When Ryker Van Allan demands his money back on a true love package, Elise and Danika are shocked. Yet Ryker insists the woman never showed up for the date with his best friend. And he’s telling the truth—Danika has a built-in lie detector that warns her whenever someone’s being dishonest. 

That night, the woman’s body is found in an alley beside the shop, and Elise’s accused of the murder. 

Danika might be skeptical about her psychic abilities, but she can’t let her grandma serve time for a crime she didn’t commit. It’s time to get her sleuth on. With the clock ticking, Danika must prove Elise’s innocence, manage the shop, and maybe even find a place where she truly belongs.

 Let me know in the comments what you think!

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