Immortal Eclipse 
“…This book makes the reader think. I've never read such a unique mixture of witchcraft, murder, and heated romance. There were quite a few surprises that made my eyes bulge in surprise, and I loved every bit of it. If you love a jaw-dropping ending that will leave you awed, pick up a copy.” —Night Owl Romance Reviews

5 Stars “…I really loved this book. It reeled you in from the beginning and didn't stop until the very last sentence. It has everything I love in a good book: Paranormal, mystery, the love interest, surprises. If there was a rating higher than 5 stars, this book would have received it. This is the first book I have read in a long time in the paranormal genre that kept me up until the early morning hours.” Paranormal Romance Guild Review 

*Amazon Top 100 Kindle Bestseller*

Inheriting a haunted house is one thing. Getting hot and bothered by its sexy caretaker is another. But Skylar Blackwell draws the line at voodoo and murder...
Skylar doesn’t believe in things that go bump in the night. After her uncle’s body is discovered with a mosaic of eerie symbols carved into his chest, she moves to his California estate to get logical answers. 

Days after arriving, she’s plagued by haunting nightmares and visits by a terrifying apparition that even she can’t rationally explain away. Things get even more complicated when Skylar’s investigation leads her straight into the arms of the drop-dead gorgeous, Dorian Delacroix. 

With his dark good looks and brooding personality, Dorian is a romance novel hero come to life, but he’s harboring a dark and dangerous secret. 

One that may end up costing Skylar...her very soul.

Want to know what happens in this thrilling tale of paranormal romance?


“…From meeting the mansion’s strange inhabitants, to being haunted by a vengeful ghost, to the deaths that keep on cropping up and the secrets of the mansion, I was enthralled. Immortal Eclipse delivers a lot of chills and scary moments and intrigue that will have you jumping mingled with mystery and intrigue to keep you guessing. I loved Immortal Eclipse for a fresh, scary and unique read and recommend it to anyone into horror movies.” —Happy Indulgence Reviews

“…this is an interesting novel to check out if you're a fan of unique concepts, hot men, spunky women, and a plot that will keep you guessing!” —Escaping With Fiction

This amazing part of the review from Bookish Escape made me smile, and I had to share it:

I-nsidious encounters...a dark force looms over Skylar’s life.

M-oths sent to scare Skylar

M-enacing goings-on, like a boss that seems more like the devil wears Prada

O-racle because Sky has a sixth sense warning her

R-eceived an invitation to visit a haunted estate

T-rusted Lawyer and friend of Skylar

A-llure to Dorian. Skylar cannot help wanting this man

L-ust is like a crazy attarction whenever Dorian is near her.

E-nvy from Isabelle who wants to regain her mortal life

C-ommitment to uncovering the horrifying truth.

L-ove is what Skylar is feeling for Dorian

I-nnocent people are dying death in this home by the sea.

P-leasure is being in Dorian's strong embrace.

S-urprised to find that Skylar’s past holds the key to the haunting.

E-ntitled to happiness, both Sky and Dorian so need a HEA.

“IMMORTAL ECLIPSE is an urban fantasy/paranormal romance that you will not be able to put down. It contains murder, mystery, and thrills in a romance story that will quickly grab you and send you on a roller coaster ride of intrigue. This is usually not my cup of tea, but the heroine Skylar is awesome and the rest of the characters are quite well defined. If you are looking for a spoiler here… no way… this is one you definitely are going to want to read for yourself.” —award-winning author G. R.Holton

“…Soule has crafted a thrilling story with plenty of romance that will keep readers wanting more. I loved the atmosphere that Soule created in Immortal Eclipse. Summerwind is a spooky place, and she does a wonderful job of keeping readers guessing…” —author, Nicole Sobon

“While the (ARC) version was bubbly, fun fashionista with a dash of mystery, the new (published) version has more grit, it’s darker, and truly more kickass with a dash of fashionista as a secret pleasure. It seems that Soule is going retro, and gone gothic romance style with the works like Jane Eyre of Charlotte Bronte. The ending was sweet, it left me with a smile from all the adventure they gone through.” –Emiko Rei’s Reviews, goodreads

“….Sherry has always been able to paint creepy scenes and settings with her storytelling, which doesn’t do to well when I’m about to go to sleep. Anybody that’s looking for creepy elements and mystery to their New Adult stories should give this a try.” —Books, College, and other Random Things

“….I love the slow and gradual way he (Dorian) and Skylar come together. And Dorian, along with everyone else at the mansion is a mystery. This story has a very spooky feel. Loved the setting of the old mansion and the grounds around it. I was very engaged and stayed huddled on my couch till' I was done. I found it to be very creative and the murders and the mystery keep you guessing 'till the end. I enjoyed this book very much and I do think it would appeal to someone who enjoys haunted mysteries mixed with a bit of paranormal and splashed with a dash of romance.” —K&T Reviews

“Immortal Eclipse by Sherry Soule promises something for everyone: a fashion-conscious kick-ass heroine who inherits a dark mansion with its own set of secrets. Not only do they need unraveling, but the main character Skylar also needs to hurry to figure it out, because it sure isn't an accident that she ended up there when she did.” —Bookbag Reviews

“…I truly enjoyed the story. The characters are fantastic. I wonder sometime why it is so hard to find a great guy - and then I realize that I read too many romance novels. There is no way a "real" guy could ever compare. With that being said, I fell hard for Dorian - he is a wonderful, robust character. Skylar is great too - even though she is obsessed with shoes. All of the characters have been well thought out and carefully built, from the lawyer to the house (Summerwind). The plot is creative and keeps you reading. Sherry Soule has managed to combine an original haunted house story and a paranormal romance into an action packed, edge of your seat thriller.” —The Wormhole 

“What's not to like about a sassy, spunky, sexy & snarky main character – the voice of the story – that has a serious shoe fetish and considers her fashion-sense a weapon?!?! Skylar certainly embodies the heroines that I've grown to love from some of my favorite series….I really liked and connected with Ms. Soule's Immortal Eclipse. I felt she did an exceptional job with her character development, and the writing was tight, descriptive, and even humorous in difficult situations. Her plot lines were clean and well-developed in most cases. I'd definitely pick up another title by this author.” —That’s What I’m Talking About with Twimom227

“…Skylar is a good heroine; she’s spunky, strong, and tenacious. The hunky caretaker, Dorian, is more than he appears, being a delectable distraction for Skylar. The plot pulled me in with its twists and turns, and all the supernatural stuff. I felt there was a good balance to the story, keeping me interested in what was happening with Skylar, the murders and even the romance aspect. But there is a doozy of a twist at the end, overall a very good book.” —MamaKnows Books

"Listen up all you Fashionatas in the world, this book is for you! Man, can I say that Sherry is AMAZING because this book has it all: murder, mystery, romance, and fashion! Damn, what girl would not like fashion in their lives! Plus there is a mystery, and murders, and a new book boyfriend, Dorian Delacroix—Holy HADES—he is CALIENTE HOT!" —A Diary of a Book Addict 

“Skylar’s story is EPIC! At times I found myself frequently  holding my breath because there is some pretty scary hauntings going on, but these are tempered by Skylar’s hilarious  snarky comments and her determination not to give in to others. That’s why it gets the highest reading of 10/10 E, and is on my stack of comfort reads - yes I did make sure I read it in daylight!” —Nayu’s Reading Corner

“…I liked Skylar from the beginning. She is snarky and just the right level of sarcastic. She's giddy about her name brand clothing and super cute heels. She's just the right mix of everything: cheery, ditzy at times, fashion-obsessed, determined, loyal, and sweet. I liked the thorough descriptions of her outfits and the joy she has dressing. I suppose some would see her as shallow because of this, but my grandmother and mother always stressed that "clothes are your wings." …. This was such an enjoyable, read-it-all-at-once read. Once I started, I didn't put it down and didn't want to put it down. I wanted to be left alone to find out the secret, find out the mystery...." —A TiffyFit’s Reading Corner

“… Skylar is a pretty awesome heroine—think “Carrie Bradshaw” meets “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.” I think this mental image sums her up pretty well …. if you’re in for a ghostly murder mystery with a kickbutt heroine and a sexy hero, dig into this book, you’ll enjoy it.” —Colleen, goodreads

“…as soon as I started reading this book I was hooked! Immortal Eclipse is an action-packed, character driven novel that is guaranteed to give you goosebumps!” —Ana@SoManyBooksSoLittleTime

“This is an adult paranormal novel that you may need to leave the lights on when reading, as there are many scary bits that will sneak up on you. Fans of Dark Companion by Marta Acosta and Silence by Michele Sagara will enjoy IMMORTAL ECLIPSE by Sherry Soule.” —Seeing Night Reviews

"I am always down for a good paranormal romance. However, Sherry Soule combined PNR with a good haunted house story, which is just all kinds of amazing...If you are looking for a gripping tale of action, romance, loss, and all things that go bump-in-the-night, then this is the book for you!" —Reading by Lamplight

"A great modern twist on the classic haunted house story, Immortal Eclipse moves away from the trendy vampire/werewolf story and, instead, presented a spooky mystery that captured me from the start..." —Parajunkee View

"A paranormal romance that was interesting to read and kept me entertained. One of the things that Sherry Soule has done is make the character of Skylar interesting and intriguing because she starts in once place and ends up in a very different spot than what we thought would happen...."—Books of Love

“ . . . while I know others will swoon over the hunky caretaker, Dorian Delacroix, and his tragic back story, it was the mystery and the intriguing mix of witchcraft, ghosts, and doppelgangers that really wooed me . . . By chapter twenty-nine I couldn’t take it anymore—I had to finish the book. It was maddening not knowing what was going to happen to all the characters. Well played, Sherry Soule. ” —Pink Fluffy Hearts

 “…I was hooked on this story from the beginning. The mix of scary thriller and love story was a perfect pair in this story. I thought that the characters were instantly charming and the mystery was too good to let go. I didn’t want to put the book down so that I could try to solve the story. I liked how Skylar really wanted to give up in many parts, but was determined to make sure that justice was served. There was a serious twist that I did not see coming, which made the story even more interesting. Great read!!”  —VampChix Bite Club

“…it has an alluring mysterious story with a level-headed heroine, a chilling premise, characters that will pique your interest, and lastly a broody/gorgeous hero. Immortal Eclipse held my interest till the end and I would recommend it for a rainy day when you can get the complete effect of the novel and fully appreciate it.” —Dear Restless

“With Immortal Eclipse, Sherry Soule has succeeded in writing a multi-layered paranormal story which is tense, exciting, and compelling to read. This is definitely one to recommend, particularly to fans of paranormal romance.”—All in One Place

“…I really liked that almost all characters stirred some kind of emotion in me as you might already have figured out. lol The story had a creepy feeling to it and a lot of ups and downs, which I liked. If you like, a spunky main character in a creepy ghost story this is totally something for you! This book is worth your time.” —Rather barefoot than bookless

“I thought this book was good. It was deliciously atmospheric, and it’s been a while since I’ve read a book with such a creepy Gothic vibe. The mystery was well-written, and I always had to see what would happen next….I really enjoyed this book, and highly recommend it to people in the mood for a paranormal mystery with a creepy haunted house feel.” —Book Nerds Anonymous

“…Skylar has to decide if risking her life is worth determining who killed her uncle since the police have already closed the case as a suicide or going back to New York and trying to rebuild her life. She sticks it out until it is too late and she has no choice but to push on and find out the secrets of her uncle’s home. I will be looking out for more titles by Sherry Soule!” —LITERAL ADDICTION

“…The story twists and turns with suicides that could be murders, ghostly apparitions, and horse rides along the cliffs. The characters are quirky, the mansion is weirdly intriguing, and I found the heroine easy to like. Skylar wants what most of us want; a normal life, a picket fence, and children with a man who adores her. She finds anything but. I lost myself in the budding romance, and the story contained enough spookiness to keep me reading until the very end.” —Musings with Author Nancy Lee Badger

“…Despite the scary activities, the main character has the balls to stay. Then again, I cannot blame her. Dorian, the estate caretaker is just to die for. I don’t want to reveal too much about him, but I will tell you that he will be the key to finding out about her uncle’s murder . . . It is a bit dark because of the creepy scenes with ghosts and deaths occurrences. It was hilarious that each scene with murders or ghosts, I wanted to close my eyes as I do with scary movies. I am such a scaredy cat. But what I liked most is the mystery it brought out. Each scene gave intrigues that peak my curiosity….” —Under the Covers book Blog


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