Danika Dreary


A sassy cat, an inexplicable murder, and a psychic amateur sleuth…


Danika Dreary’s life is a hot mess. After her latest soul-crushing crisis, Danika moves in with her eccentric grandma, Elise.


But there’s a catch: Danika must work at Karma Moon within the quaint town of Mystique, California. Except this is no ordinary new-age shop, it’s also where Elise—a legendary matchmaker—helps the lonely residents find love.


When Ryker Van Allan demands his money back on a true love package, Elise and Danika are shocked. Elise’s never made a bad match before. Yet Ryker insists the woman never showed up for the date. And he’s telling the truth—Danika has a built-in lie detector that warns her whenever someone’s being dishonest. 


That night, the woman’s body is found near the shop, and Elise’s accused of the murder. Danika can’t let her grandma serve time for a crime she didn’t commit, but the victim has more enemies than the town has secrets, and Danika can’t throw a tarot card without hitting a potential suspect.


With the clock ticking, Danika must prove Elise’s innocence, suffer through the horrors of retail, and maybe even find a place where she truly belongs.

Read an excerpt of this novel on my blog!


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