Why I Decided to Give My Book Away for Free


To promote the new edition of BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN (with more romance and bonus scenes!) and to give fans of the Spellbound series a chance to read the revised version without having to buy a new copy, I have decided to offer it as a free download for a limited time.

A word of warning…BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN (Part One) does end with a major cliffhanger, so if you hate those, then you might want to skip the free download. 

These serial novels should read as if you were watching a TV series because the storyline unfolds over multiple volumes. Each book is like a whole season broken up into separate parts. Some end with a cliffhanger and others without any plot resolution. However, each book does continue the ongoing story of Shiloh and her friends as they face new foes together and fight their own inner-demons, yet find bittersweet romance and everlasting friendships along the way. 

Please visit the official Spellbound Prodigies Universe blog for more information regarding this popular teen series.

Publisher note: The narrative is loosely based on the Wiccan Religion, and the author has taken certain liberties with the portrayal of real witchcraft purely for entertainment purposes. 


On the plus side, the sequel SHATTERED SILENCE (Part Two) is available for purchase from all major online retailers for only $2.99, if you’re dying to find out what happens next.

As soon as the next book is available, I will post it on my Facebook page and my Twitter: @SherrySoule so be sure that you follow me at both of these social media sites, and on the Official Spellbound Blog.

Please help me to promote this free eBook by posting it on your FB page, or send out a tweet, or post it on your blog with a link back to this post. ;-D

And if you feel compelled, would you be so kind as to leave an honest review on Amazon and/or Goodreads afterwards? Or at these other online retailers Barnes and Noble NOOK or Apple iBooks/iTunes

 I hope you enjoy the new books!

NOTE: Please remove/delete the previous copy BEFORE uploading the new free version to ensure that you read the correct edition. Sometimes an eReader device will not upload another version of the same title if the old one isn’t removed first. On a Kindle just turn on your Whispersync  to update the version on your eReader.

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