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Visit Sherry’s Blog Often

For the latest news, check this blog often. She’ll keep you posted on book blog tour dates, author chats, upcoming novels, and any crazy twitter discussions she’s currently engaged.

Reader Email

Sherry loves to hear from readers! You can contact her via EMAIL. Sherry will let you know that she’s received your e-mail and read your message. She appreciates your emails very much, but the best way for readers to contact Sherry is through her blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

(I am not perfect and either are my editors. Some mistakes and errors will found in the text, although we’ve done our best to remove and catch all of them. If you feel the need to email me to point something erroneous out, I’ll see if it can be corrected.)

Writing Questions

Sherry no longer answers writing questions via e-mail, but she’ll still answer ones posted on her Fiction Editing Services. Sherry started the blog to share writing tools on self-editing, publishing, revision tips, and she posts author and agent interviews to help other struggling writers achieve their dreams. Sherry is also a freelance fiction editor and if you want more information on her services, please contact her HERE.


For interviews, publicity,  or guest posts all inquiries should be sent via email.
For Book Clubs:  Sherry loves book clubs! If your book club is reading one of her novels, she’d love to join your discussion. She offers a free Skype session to any book club that chooses her book. Time: 30-60 minutes

For Schools & Libraries:  Lunch with an Author – When your students have finished reading one of Sherry’s books, she would be happy to join them via Skype for a lunchtime question and answer session.  Available: most weekdays/some weekends. Time: 30-45 minutes.  

Places you can visit Sherry Soule online


 Twitter - @SherrySoule

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