Romance After Dark

As a reader, I have had a long-term love affair with all things dark in fiction. Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance are my favorite genres. The coolest part for me as a writer is that you can do things in the paranormal genre that are not acceptable in other genres. You can step out of the ordinary world where everything is predictable, and you can step into a world that is mysterious, magical, and thrilling.

In my own novels, I love getting my heroine into scary situations, where even I’m not sure how she’s going to get out of them. And in my stories, the hero doesn’t suddenly show up and save her—she saves herself. I also love adding in the passion and the budding romance…then throw in a sinister demon or a spooky supernatural element and that makes for some damn good reading.

I like creating fictional worlds and vivid settings. And I like the feeling that comes from stretching my imagination. It’s that continual “what if.”

Like…what if a vampire gave you his blood?

What if an opening to Hell was directly under your house?

What if you found out you were born into a family of witches and inherited magickal powers?

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