Excerpt from Demon Dreadful

Here's a short, unedited excerpt from my upcoming novel, DEMON DREADFUL. It's the third and final book in the Charmed Chronicles And it has dragons! :-)

Somewhere there was an explosion of glass and metal.

“We really doing this?” I asked.

Reaper cracked his neck. “Your pitiful demonic essence is no match for me, little girl.” The warden lurked closer. “Do you think you can take me on?” 

I faced him and smiled. “Hell yes. Because demons will never be stronger than me. You know, hashtag girl power!”

“Except you’re already becoming evil. Each time you summon that unholy power, you lose a piece of your humanity,” Reaper said. 

The truth throbbed, sharp as a sting from a jellyfish. I hesitated, the breath stalling in my lungs. My worst fear lay bare by Reaper.

The warden wore a sinister smile. “And you’re only wearing one shoe.”

Ready to end this, I summoned natural magick and pushed the last traces of Darkness away. Because, yeah, he was probably right and using the Darkness was not good. 

The building shook again, plaster sprinkling down on us. The women became more frantic, trampling the men and racing toward the exits. The sentinels appeared in the doorways, blocking the exits. A thunderous groan shuddered Hemlock. The sentinels appeared uneasy and moved closer to the warden. The ceiling bowed as if under a great weight. With a deafening clamor, the roof crumbled—tiles, wood, bricks, and glass crashing to the floor. 

I backed away from Reaper and scanned the room, finding only one exit. I shuffled backward and closer to the doors.

Reaper lifted a hand, a fireball floating over his palm, but before he could throw it, the ceiling came crashing down. Within seconds, Reaper and several sentinels were buried beneath the rumble in the arena. 

As the building collapsed around us, chaos ensued. Prisoners and staff shrieked, ducked, and ran from the arena. 

A mammoth, serpent-like beast stuck its head through the opening in the roof. My heart stopped in my chest and then sped up. The dragon’s violet eyes found mine and I froze among the bedlam and debris. My heartbeat a fierce tattoo. A breeze rushed over my skin and a bright flood of sunlight illuminated the dim interior. I squinted and lifted one hand to shield my eyes.

All of this seemed surreal. Maybe I’d lost too much blood, or been hit in the head one too many times, and all of this was only a bizarre dream.

A dragon was perched on the roof and gazing through the gap in the ceiling at me—Raze. He was magnificent, majestic. The dragon’s size was indescribable, as big as a fairy-tale creature. His serpentine body was covered in shiny scales that faded from a dark blue into a rich purple hue. Enormous wings jutted from the dragon’s back and lightly flapped the air...

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