Charmed Chronicles 2018 Update

Dear awesome readers,

This blog post is an update regarding the Charmed Chronicles (formerly titled the Spellbound Series).

First let me start of by saying that if you do not have the most current 2018 editions of this series, please contact whichever book retailer that you purchased the eBooks from and request an updated version. You can do this at no additional cost and you do not have to buy a new book. Check your eReader, and if you do not have these 2 covers, then you do not own the latest versions, with the brand-new kickass scenes, even steamier romance, and thrilling new adventures!

*Please note that both of these books have new titles, so your edition might have an older one. WITCHY WICKEDNESS was formerly titled, Beautifully Broken. And SLAYERS and SPELLS was formerly titled, Shattered Silence. Each of these eBooks were republished under the same ASIN identification number through Amazon, so you should have no problem requesting the newest 2017 versions.

However, if you do encounter ANY problems, please contact me via email and I will send you the new eBooks. I will just need a "proof of purchase" screenshot to verify, and then I will happily send you the latest eBook editions.

Okay, so here's a publishing update on this series for 2018 and 2019.

I have decided that book 3, DEMON DREADFUL, in the Charmed Chronicles will be the conclusion of the epic battle between Shiloh and her nemesis, Esael, and his evil henchmen in this trilogy. This book will be published late March 2019.

As many of you know, this series has gone though many revisions/adaptations over the years, but my original plan was always to have Shiloh fighting different supernatural creatures in each edition. But when I changed the series into a serial back in 2013, well, that also changed the series ARC. Now with the third, brand-new 2018 adaptations, the story ARCs have yet again gone through a major revision and hardly resemble the initial books published back in 2011, or the ones published in 2013.

Like most paranormal type TV series (Charmed, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Lost Girl, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Wynonna Earp, Shadowhunters, etc.), the characters usually face new villains every season.

So going forward, the series will continue with Shiloh and the gang's supernatural adventures while they face-off with other evil baddies in a whole new set of stories! The next planned trilogy, set in the same universe, will have slightly different covers to set them apart from the first three books, and will include Autumn’s POV, and feature different supernatural villains, more angsty love stories, and thrilling new exploits. These three books will be published in 2019.

The last three books, also set in the same universe, will completely conclude the series (the final season!), and these stories will have slightly different book covers, too. The publishing date is yet to be determined. And although Shiloh will remain a main character throughout this entire series, this final trilogy will include Brittany's perspective, along with different villains and paranormals.

While these three-part books will share some of the same on-going storylines and character ARCs, each trilogy will feature entirely different stories set in Ravenwood.

I want to add that I'm incredibly grateful for anyone who has stuck with me thus far in my writing journey, and with Shiloh as her story and this series has evolved over the last 7 years.

So please read the new Chilling Adventures of Shiloh, a teenage witch struggling to live in two very different worlds: surviving high school with it's teen angst and dating, and her hellish destiny, hunting the things that go thump in the night.


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