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Charmed Chronicles Series Update

Dear readers,

As many of you know, the Charmed Chronicles (formerly titled the Spellbound Series), has gone though many revisions and adaptations over the years.  Witchy Wickedness, (formerly titled Beautifully Broken), was one of the first books that I wrote, so it will always have a special place in my heart. With the 2019 editions, the storylines have yet again gone through a major rewrite, which I feel is a good thing. But don’t worry, the same beloved characters have starring roles in all of these newer books and stay very close to the original storylines.

Publishing is a tough business, and after extensively studying book marketing and promotion, I realized that I had titles and covers that were not good genre fits. So I had a tough decision to make as an indie author regarding my backlist, and I decided it was worth it to invest in modernizing my work to better fit the market. First, I knew I had to change the titles of the previously published books, update the covers, and also the book descriptions. Since it was my first series published back in 2011, and I’ve learned so much about writing and storytelling since then, I decided these older stories needed a major rewrite, too. I knew I couldn’t keep writing more books in this series until these issues were addressed.

  Now I feel as if the new storylines are much more streamlined, exciting, and interesting. The romance is much more passionate and heartbreaking. The dialogue is more humorous and engaging. And the new book covers are more appealing and fit the genre. Maybe you liked the older versions better, but I strongly felt as though these novels needed updating. I knew the stories had good “bones,” so I used the older versions to rewrite this series into what I’d always intended—a compelling, page-turning read!

So going forward, the series will continue with Shiloh and the gang’s supernatural adventures and stories will be based on the pervious plots. The next planned trilogy will have slightly different covers to set them apart from the first three books, and these novels will include Autumn’s POV. Each of the next two planned trilogies will feature a different villain, more angsty romances, and thrilling new exploits. 

I want to add that I’m incredibly grateful for anyone who has stuck with me thus far in my writing journey, and with Shiloh as her story has evolved over the last seven years.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these new, updated editions. 

Happy reading,

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