Being Haunted is Surreal, Scary, and Fascinating

Okay, I admit that I’ve always had a morbid fascination with ghosts and specifically haunted houses. I’m not sure why, but I love haunted house movies more than any other. I don’t read a lot of haunted house fiction or nonfiction, but I do love movies or TV shows with that type of storyline. I used to enjoy watching all of those paranormal investigator shows where the ghost hunters go into scary places to get evidence or help families rid their home of unwanted spirits. I even liked those psychic shows where they’d help people cleanse their home, or help kids with understanding their own gifts. 

I've gotten a lot of inspiration for my own novels by watching some of these shows. Like I used to watch this series "A Haunting" which had some spooktacular episodes that even inspired my novel, IMMORTAL ECLIPSE. It was episode 2 of season 1, "The Haunting of Summerwind" that I found both chilling and fascinating. It is about the living and the dead existing side-by-side under the same roof at Summerwind on the shores of West Bay Lake in Wisconsin. In spite of being warned that the estate is haunted, Ginger moves her family into the old mansion. Unfortunately, this popular episode is not available On Demand.

Throughout my life, I might’ve had a few supernatural experiences, but I’m not 100% sure. Not until I moved to the Central Valley. 

So did I unconsciously attract these spirits? Or were some already on the property when I moved in? Did any of the spirits die near my home? Have I become a “beacon” that attracts ghosts? Is my daughter a little psychic?

I might never know. 

The paranormal investigators do think that one of my ghosts might have been shotpossibly murdered. *chilly goose bumps* 

And whenever I hear stories, or read about other haunted places, or watch TV shows about people living with intense paranormal problems, I feel guilty and ashamed for complaining about my own. I really don’t have much to bitch about and I’m thankful that I don’t! My house is definitely haunted “lite” compared to other people’s experiences. There’s nothing evil in my house. Nothing that wishes me or my family harm. Sure, they did some kinda scary stuff at first, like punched my mattress near my head and kept opening my daughter's bedroom door at night, but I think that was only to get our attention and let us know that they were here. Once we acknowledged their presence, a lot of it stopped. They still wake me up on occasion by shaking the bed really hard or tugging on my covers, or yeah, the creeptastic nightly touching. Talk about personal space invasion!

So really…what am I whining about? 

During the day, we have very little activity. Occasionally, I hear odd creaks, the sound of footsteps, and doors moving by themselves. Nothing scary and they pretty much leave us alone, which I’m grateful for. Although, the feeling of being watched can be freaky and unnerving at times. The spirits are much more active at night and it could be out of boredom.

Now I realize that a lot of the constant unease is my own doing… 

I’m a super light-sleeper. Any noises, light, or movement on the bed wakes me up. Maybe that’s why I like sleeping alone. I have blackout curtains over my windows because I don’t even like a crack of light in my room while I’m sleeping. (I could be part vampire. LOL) Also, I feel more vulnerable at night. During the day, I can just brush off any ghostly activity and it doesn’t bother me. But when I’m getting ready to go to sleep, I start freaking myself out. 

I have never liked being touched by strange men (even shaking hands), and especially ones I don’t know. Now add that to having some invisible male stranger(s) touching me while I’m in bed and/or lying next to me while I’m feeling somewhat defenseless, and it only magnifies my own irrational fears. It just totally creeps me out. Now if they just sat next to me during the day while I’m completely clothed and not trying to sleep, I would be fine.

I know the spirits are attached to my daughter and I, and from the one session we had with Skeleton Crew at my house where we communicated with my resident boos, I know some want our help. And I do feel compassion and empathy for them. Would I want to die and be stuck in a rental home with strangers myself? Hell no. I'd want to be with my loved ones and pets. 

If I had any questions about death and an afterlife before all this weirdness started happening, now I have a million. If I was intrigued before, now I’m kinda obsessing. If I was curious about paranormal investigators, now my interest is really piqued! These brave souls are my new heroes.

I realize that more than one of my ghost friendlies might not want to move on or leave when we cleanse the house, so that might be a problem. Plus, if I'm attracting spirits or my daughter, what's to stop them from returning? Or what if we both just attract new ones?

But if I can help the spirits in my house to find peace, then that’s what I plan to do…

Have you ever had a supernatural encounter? Please share in the comments!

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