2018 YA Urban Fantasy eBook Giveaway


To promote the new edition of WITCHY WICKEDNESS (with more sizzling-hot romance and thrilling action scenes!) and to give fans of the Charmed Chronicles a chance to read the revised edition without having to buy a new copy, I have decided to offer a free eBook giveaway.

 13 lucky readers will receive a free eBook edition to enjoy!

Please visit the official
Charmed Chronicles Universe blog for more information regarding this popular teen series. 

Hold onto your holy water, folks.

From bestselling author Sherry Soule comes the blockbuster, genre-defying story of Shiloh, the witchy, teenaged anti-hero in WITCHY WICKEDNESS. Dive into her epic origin story with trope-y stuff like, you know, rogue demon slayers, über-cool magical powers, swoony love triangles, deathly battle scenes, and loads of heart-melting kisses. 

This young adult urban fantasy series is a humble slice of awesomeness packed with more plot twists than a demon's intestines and more drama than a drunken sorority girl at a frat party. It's amazeballs!


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NOTE: Please remove/delete the previous copy BEFORE uploading the new free version to ensure that you read the correct edition. Sometimes an eReader device will not upload another version if the old one isn’t removed first. On a Kindle just turn on your Whispersync  to update the version on your eReader.

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