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If you've read my books, then you'll know I like to write about haunted houses.  Now I live in one. Yup, my house is haunted and by more than just one spirit. And I think I have been attracting ghosts for a long time. I also had this weird experience with one of my cats at my old home in the Bay Area, which you can read about by clicking a link at the end of this post.

Not everyone believes in ghosts and the paranormal. I was always a believer, but I NEVER thought it would actually happen to me. I swear, at first I didn’t really think the house was haunted and I even tried to put a logical explanation on everything.
I seriously thought I was going crazy when weird things first started happening. Then slowly more of my family began experiencing unexplained things, too. Sometimes this all seems so unbelievably bizarre even to me, and I'm the one most experiencing it. Like my rationale mind refuses to accept that I'm being haunted. However, after so many unexplained experiences, I can no longer deny the impossible...there are ghosts in my house and hanging around me. Yup, folks, I might be a beacon of light for spirits. 

Throughout my life, I've had a few what I might call supernatural experiences, although never like what I've been going through since moving to the Central Valley.

Shortly after we moved to our new rental home, strange things started happening within a week. At first, I found logical explanations for most of it because that's what the mind does. It needs a logical reason for odd occurrences.

But sometimes, you just can't find a reason for everything. Like eerie whispers, knocking on the walls, lights blinking, light bulbs blazing brightly and then dimming, cold drafts, the feeling of being watched, doors opening by themselves, touching our hair and body, tucking my daughter into bed, hearing disembodied voices, the feel of someone sitting or lying on the bed at night, and even bed shaking creepiness.

You know, fifteen to twenty years ago, I would’ve loved living in a haunted place, but now? Not so much. 

When one of my cats died last September, I was mourning a lot and crying daily. One night shortly after, I felt a fist slam down hard on my mattress near my head. It woke me up and freaked me out. 

About a week later, I woke up and felt someone softly touching my hair. I knew I was alone and I completely froze. My eyes popped open wide and I became fully awake. My heart was pounding so hard, it was roaring in my ears. I waited another few seconds to be sure that I actually felt it, or if I was just dreaming. But yeah, something was gently stroking my hair. I jumped out of bed and it took me awhile to go back to sleep. Looking back, I think one of the spirits was just offering me comfort because I was so sad.

My daughter's bedroom door kept opening by itself and scared her. For a while, my daughter was terrified to sleep in her room. At night I feel the most uneasy because that's when the spirits are most active, and I don’t feel comfortable in my own room. 

1# Haunted house update…

We had two paranormal investigators come by several months ago to find out if our home is indeed haunted. One is a "sensitive," which I think means he is psychic. 
So, we had this first team of ghost hunters come by our house. They asked a lot of questions and did a walk-through. They mainly spent time in my daughter’s room and my bedroom where the most activity has occurred. 

One thing the gentleman did ask was if my daughter and I had felt extremely fatigued over the last few months. We both said yes. 

My daughter does have a rare autoimmune disease and she’s a teenager, so I figured all the sleeping was because of that. And me, well, I’m over 40, so I thought fatigue was natural. Normally, I'm an active/energetic person, but lately I’ve just felt so exhausted. They said that the resident boos are draining our energy, which sucks. Literally.  

The man (the sensitive) said that he sensed an older man and possibly a female in the house. He stated that it is the older gentlemen who is the most active. 

However, it kind of upset me when he insinuated that I attracted these spirits because I write paranormal romance / urban fantasy and like scary movies and and TV shows like "Supernatural." I guess it bugged me because lots of people enjoy watching horror films and TV shows with paranormal elements (Even HBO's Game of Thrones has supernatural elements) and they don’t have any ghosts. It’s not like I’m dabbling in the occult or playing with Ouija boards. :-/ 

The next day, I called our landlord to ask how many people have rented this home in the past and she surprisingly told me that her home was haunted, too. I wondered if the ghosts had a connection to this house or property, but I never did find out anything.

A friend suggested that we do a house cleansing/blessing ourselves with a prayer of protection of white light and request that the spirits move on. I did do a sage burning and asked the ghosts to respect my home and leave me alone. But of course, it didn't work for various reasons.

 2# Haunted house update…

So the first team that we reached out to said they'd help us, but we never heard back from them. After 3 months, I tried contacting them again, but I guess they were too busy to come back. 

I waited a few days, then decided to go online to find someone else to help us get answers. I discovered two more groups that investigate paranormal cases in my area; however, it was this team that responded within 24 hours that I had a good feeling about. 

After meeting two members, Jennifer and Jessica, of the Skeleton Crew team (paranormal investigators who have been doing this almost 10 years and live close by us), I felt an instant connection to them and lots of good vibes. They were compassionate and professional. They listened and offered advice. They brought equipment and captured a few EVPs. (Within ghost hunting and parapsychology, electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices that have been either unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested and recorded.) They came back a second time and Jessica brought her son, who is a gifted medium. He had a crazy-somewhat-scary experience and offered some more insight into our haunted home.

At my request and out of morbid curiosity, my daughter and I invited Jennifer and Jessica of Skeleton Crew to come back for third session. This time, it was hair-raising and chilling. The ghosts were more than willing to make themselves known and communicate with us through a spirit box and a recorder. It turns out we have quite a few spirits, and while I don't know all their names, these are the ones we caught: Amanda (Manda), Sam (female), Hank, Jacob, and Grant.

Here is one creeptastic EVP recording from that night where I ask the resident boos if they have message for me or my daughter, Julianna...

They are still working on our case and feel a cleansing is next, but it won't be easy. 

And I'm so incredibly grateful that after I reached out to these generous, big-hearted, and dedicated paranormal investigators, Jennifer and Jessica, that they have agreed to help. They've been amazing and let us know that we're not alone in dealing with all this crazy paranormal phenomena. It can be scary and fascinating, well, mostly unnerving when you think about being watched all the time and touched while you're sleeping. *shudders*

Maybe this happened for a reason and I was meant to help these ghosts find peace and move on. But I can say that this experience has been insightful and it will probably end up in one of my books. Plus, I'm excited to interview both of these lovely ladies to gain more insight into the world of ghost hunting as research for future stories. I'll share it on my blog soon.

To hear more EVPs and learn more about my experiences, please follow my  Personal Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorSherrySoule

I really like this quote from author Nicole Canfield on Exemplore: "Whatever the reason for paranormal activity, one thing is for sure - when you've experienced it there's no denying it. We can explain it away or try to rationalize, but in the end ghosts are real. Whether they are figments of our psyche manifested, residual energy from traumatic events, or lost souls is a decision everyone should make for themselves." You can read the whole article by clicking this link: Are Ghosts Attracted to Certain People

More ghostly updates coming soon...


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  1. So, I hope things are evening out at your house and your family is doing well. Maybe over the holidays your spirits will be more likely to move on. One thing I know, they like you for some reason, your positive energy, your loving spirit, and your openness. This does make it easier to write about haunting, right?

    1. Hey Ane,

      Things are quieter, but still somewhat active. As for writing, I suppose this experience might come in handy for future stories. ;-)


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