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The newly updated and expanded 2017 edition of this paranormal romance slash horror novel, WITCHY WICKEDNESS is now on sale! 

But, you dear reader of awesomeness, can read this updated edition for only $2.99 for a limited time. (This book was formerly titled, Beautifully Broken by Sherry Soule)

All of the books in this series are going through a massive rewrite with more action, suspense, and romance. You will need to ask Amazon to update your device if you have already purchased copies in the past. They will update your device at no extra charge to you. 

Or you can get the new copy right here on my blog. The first book in the series, Witchy Wickedness, the thrilling and extra romance-y new 2017 edition, is #free to read for a limited time. 

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For fans of Kelley Armstrong's Darkest Powers series, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, and Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments!


Black magicks. Vanishing teens. And doomed loves. This is where the haunting and breathtaking saga begins… 
Ravenwood, California isn’t like other coastal towns. It’s a mystical place built over a gateway into Hell, with some extremely unusual residents. And Shiloh Trudell isn’t like other girls—she’s a teen witch who can sense things that go bump in the night. 

When Shiloh gets a visit from a shadowy demon threatening to steal her family’s spellbooks, her life quickly spirals into one of unending weirdness and danger.
As if life isn’t complicated enough, she takes a job at the local haunted house, where she meets the sinfully hot Trent Donovan with massive amounts of swoon-inducing charm. With his insanely green eyes and a crooked smile that must’ve broken more than a few hearts, Shiloh can’t deny the red-hot chemistry between them.

Yet as the witching hour approaches, Shiloh’s forced to put romance on hold and embrace her destiny as guardian of the Charmed Chronicles. That is, if she can evade a kooky ghost on a revenge haunt, contain the scary dark power tainting her magick, and survive attacks by a pack of creeptastic demons first. 

For poor Shiloh, life’s a real witch.

~ ~ ~


I stood there a minute, breathing deeply. The heavy scent of roses filled the evening air. Winds stirred the bone-like branches against the sides of the mansion, creating scary scraping noises. An owl hooted. I shivered, and tightened the coat around me that I’d worn over my pink blouse and black pencil skirt. My feet already ached in my high-heels. 

I tilted my head, listening. The snap of twigs. And…ghostly moans? 

“Can I help you?” A boy’s voice came from beyond the entrance.

Startled, I stepped back. “I-I’m here for an interview.” 

“But you’re a girl.” The disembodied voice resonated close to the gate. 

 “Duh. What gave me away? My skirt or the heels, genius?” 

A soft chuckle came from the shadows. “You think you can do this job?”

“You bet I can. Even if I am only a girl. Look,” I said too loudly, then swallowed to steady my voice. “I don’t have time to play stupid, sexist games.” 

Trent stepped out the shadows, looking as flawless as a fashion model. His hair had been intentionally styled to appear messy-yet-sexy, and he was sporting a black eye. The knuckles on his left hand looked bruised. He wore a long-sleeved, untucked black shirt with faded jeans, and when he slightly turned, I noticed a paperback sticking out of his back pocket. 

Trent reclined against the iron barricade. “Sorry. Can we start over? Do a little rewind? Bad day, huh?”

“You might say that.” I forced a smile. “Didn’t mean to be defense-o girl.”

My gaze swept past the gates and settled on the fog. The subdued twilight cast enough illumination for me to view the estate. A thick mist hovered over a cobblestone path leading to Craven Manor. 

 “Do you know where I can find Mr. Evans?” 

“He’s finishing a phone interview.” Trent held his hands up in surrender. “So don’t get your claws out. I’m harmless, I swear.”

I doubted that. Guys this cute and cocky were never harmless.
“Lots of candidates applying for the job?” 

“Not really.” Trent shrugged. “My uncle and I have big plans for the manor.” He shoved both hands into the pockets of his jeans and rocked on his heels. “All the mansion requires is some updating.” 

“Needs more than that,” I mumbled, pointing at the shutters hanging by a hinge and the cracking bricks above the entrance.

Trent straightened, chest puffed out. “Excuse me?” 

“I thought I heard a cat,” I said quickly. 

Strike a nerve much?

Fog wafted closer, like ghostly hands seeking to pull me through the opening. Obsidian shapes materialized from the darkness. Scarlet eyes blinked and glowed. 

Not now. My stomach churned. I blew out a long breath, laboring to steady my pulse. 

“There are a few strays around. By the way, I’m—”

“Trent Donovan. Yeah, I know,” I said.

His gave me a wolfish smile. “You asked about me?”

“Well, if you aren’t Trent Donovan, then you’re trespassing.” Heat spread across my cheeks, and for once, I was glad it was dark. “And I was just curious about your house while researching the job. Not really about you.”

“Uh-huh.” He folded his arms across his chest again. Correction: very muscly chest. 

Shades scurried closer, whispering from inside the fog. The demons covered the ground like spilled ink. 

Winds became sharper, colder, and numbed my face. Things within the murky haze slithered along the sides of the entrance and faint cries from lost souls penetrated the night. Dozens of translucent corpses surrounded us with empty eyes and bones protruding in their cheekbones.

Trembles racked my body. Sometimes my ability to see the dead sucked. My hands shook, but I flicked my scarred hand at the ghouls in a silent warning to stay back. They whooshed off in different directions. All except one.

“You live in Ravenwood?” Trent asked.

Restlessly, I swung my purse back and forth. “Unfortunately.” 

Trent tilted his head. “You look spooked.”

If you saw the things I did, you would be spooked, too.

“Well, I’m not,” I lied.

I shuffled closer to the illumination of the ground lights lining the driveway  and closer to Trent. I stood inches from the open gate now. I took a calming breath, trying to get my feet to move through the opening. 

“Look, you don’t have to apply for the job if you’ve got second thoughts. I can drive you home.” Sticking me with a pointed and somewhat challenging stare, he crossed his arms. “Or…”


“You can walk your cute ass through the entrance, like a brave little soldier.”

“Stop teasing me,” I said, “or I’m gonna blind you with the heat of my stare.”

 Trent lifted one corner of his mouth, bringing out a cute dimple. That crooked grin of his would be my downfall. “You coming or what?” He winked. “Take a chance…” 

Arrogant much? And was he talking about the job interview or himself?

“I prefer cautiousness.”

“Caution is boring. You know, most girls would kill for the chance to work for me all summer. Maybe it’s just that they can’t seem to resist my devastating charm or my valiant ability to listen to Adele and not do any manly crying.”

Laughing, I looked past him at the mansion and raised an eyebrow. “Does your big head even fit in there?”

He chuckled. “I can squeeze through.”

“I’ll bet.” I rested one hand on my hip. “Working for you might be hazardous to my health.”

“It’s not me you gotta worry about.” His cocky smile faded into a deep frown. “The real pain in the ass is my father, but he won’t be around much.” 

I nodded as my gaze slowly traveled over the length of the mansion in awe. It was such an awesome piece of architectonics. “The idea that so much history has taken place here is intriguing. Just imagine all the events that must’ve happened within its walls…” A quick glance at Trent’s face made me trail off. 

Whoops. My cheeks reddened. I’d forgotten his mother had died inside the manor.

“Well, it is almost a hundred years old. Stuff happens. It’s been renovated many times, too. I’ll show you some pictures, if you’d like…whether you get the job or not.” His mouth lifted into an uneven grin again.

I tried to remember how to breathe normally. Do not hyperventilate and get all swoony.

“I’d like that.”

“Maybe we could hang this summer,” he said. “Besides, looking at old photos.”

“Because you’re new in town and therefore friendless?”

Trent hesitated, then shrugged and gave a quick nod. “Yeah, okay. Maybe a little.” For an instant, his green eyes reflected a total familiarity with rejection and pain that I knew only too well. 

I lifted my chin. “If I do get the job, I’m gonna be super busy. Obviously, there’s much architectural research to be done, but I’ll have weekends off. Two non-working days a week where a girl might not be busy. Much. Or at all…” 

The fog churned higher. I wasn’t too surprised when a ghostly woman with dark hair flying wildly around her face and a hard stare floated closer. Tendrils of ice spread throughout my body, chilling my veins, and curling up in my gut. My gaze flicked once to Trent, and then back to the wraith. 

Scram, Ghost Lady! Can’t you witness the sparkage? You're fizzling it out with your spectral glare and all the attraction is just starting to bubble...

The shades scuttled through the tall grass and into the ground fog, where they grew thicker, turning everything black. They whispered in hushed voices and moved to huddle near Ghost Lady. She patted their heads like dogs. Paws extended from the shades like toddlers reaching for their mother’s hand. I couldn’t let them hang around. Not when I was about to apply for the job of my dreams. Not when I was in the middle of a conversation with the hottest guy in town.

It hurts! Oh, how it burns,” Ghost Lady whispered, her dexterous fingers dancing along the lace collar of her gown. “Vengeance sings such a beautiful dirge.”

My hands fisted. I was so tempted to yell back at her, “Stop with all the bizarre riddles already!

“Have you interned before?” The softness of Trent’s tone interrupted my thoughts.

“Actually, no.” I tore my gaze from the swirling fog. “But I’ve always been fascinated with structural design. I took a course last summer with this architectural firm—it was amazing. They mainly handled modern architecture, but I find the Victorian buildings the most inspiring. During the late thirties, a whole bunch of people shunned any style of decoration. I guess during that time, a love of contemporary stuff, and not a love of history, was way trendier. It sucks because cool homes like yours aren’t built anymore.” 

“Passionate,” he said, nodding. “Passion is what drives some people…to fulfill their dreams. And you sound fairly knowledgeable.”

I shrugged. “Sort of. Not really.”

“Do you want to go inside now?” 

No. Not now. Maybe never. 

I didn’t want to go into that dank, gloomy place. Of course, Ghost Lady and her shadowy pets didn’t help with the not wanting to go inside. Except it might be wacky, but I still wanted this job. I wanted to get to know Trent better. I should just seize the moment. Be all unafraid and seize-y. 

He motioned me forward. “Hey, what’s wrong? Still nervous about the interview?” 

Yawning, I fiddled with my sleeves. “Nervous? Me? Nah.” 

Ghost Lady shimmered in the moonlight, circled by the shades roiling within the thickest part of the mist. How could I be expected to be all interview ready when I was dealing with so many other distractions? Demon attacks, wraiths with the crazy talk, pesky shades, and cute boys standing oh-so close, along with the non-sleeping thing. 

“There’s something about this place. It’s different. And not because of all the creepy and dankness and…did I mention the creepy?” I inwardly groaned. 

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