Shattered Silence 2015 Audiobook Version

Hey Fans of the Spellbound Prodigies Series! 

This is a 2015 audiobook version of Shattered Silence. It is a great audiobook, but an older edition.

Please refer to the Newly Updated and Expanded 2017 Edition, "SLAYERS & SPELLS" (book 2) of the Charmed Chronicles!

Paperback ISBN 978-1973719977 or Kindle ASIN B00ED39222

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*Note: This is an ongoing young adult serial. The story unfolds over multiple volumes and is published in sequential installments. To enjoy the most current publication, please read either the paperback or the eBook editions in the Charmed Chronicles.*

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  1. I would love a free audio book! I had this in my kindle queue but never get the time to actually READ it!


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