Charmed Chronicles Series - Ravenwood History

They say every town has its secrets, but that doesn’t even begin to describe Ravenwood, California. The image of perpetual suburban bliss, each street is lined with perfectly manicured homes and an abundance of pine trees, but a chilling and sinister secret is buried just beneath the surface of this picturesque neighborhood.

The coastal town of Ravenwood has enjoyed an uneasy peace for many years, but all that is about to change. Still haunted by a number of unsolved disappearances, the small community now faces another frightening crime that brings all its unresolved fears to the surface. The Charmed Chronicles series centers around this small town—and it’s dark underbelly.

It turns out that nothing is what it seems in this idyllic community...

Ravenwood is located north of San Francisco in Marin County, neighboring Deadwood Grove. Fog rolling in from the Bay often lingers, which keeps the town overcast and gloomy. And the entire town sits atop a locus of evil called the Harrows...

Ravenwood was founded in 1868 by thirteen families, although there is a rumor that Ravenwood was originally settled in the 1690's after a group of Salem witches fled during the legendary witch trials. A group of French and English pioneers quickly formed an organization called the Heritage Founders, which is still active today.

On the outside, the “Heritage Founders” appear to be a public organization dedicated to preserving local history.

In modern day, the founding families are descendants of the original settlers, and they still secretly continue to practice witchcraft. 

What isn’t well known by the residents is that Ravenwood is located above a Harrows, which would account for the abundance of supernatural activity over the years.

A Harrows is a point of incredible energy and it can be a place of untold power. It can work as a type of gateway and an area where the dimensions between the underworld and the human world are weak. Usually invoked by using the five mystical elements, earth, fire, air, water and spirit. Commonly, positioned at the center of a pentagram formed by these elements, it can be swayed either way as a force of undeniable good or a force of unspeakable evil.

However, the residents do know all about the otherworldly elements that lurk behind the shadows of Ravenwood. They just don't talk about it to outsiders. It has a long history of supernatural occurrences. Supposedly, there’s been more mysterious deaths and people gone missing than any other place in California. And Deadwood Grove is where they usually find the bodies.

Visitors realize quickly that there's something very different about this place, almost... haunting.

The entire town is filled with quirky and eccentric locals. Due to the small size of Ravenwood, many of the residents are so intricately connected that their elaborate unions and rivalries go back generations.

Alliances can be complicated by friends with an unnatural influence. Or those blessed with extraordinary powers. Insatiable neighbors struggle with ravenous cravings and an allergy to the sun. And others are cursed with keeping their beastly instincts in check, during the full moon.

Recently, this overly superstitious town has just experienced another wave of strangeness. Every few years, people mysteriously vanish...

The residents know it is something unnatural. Something darker. Evil.

The recent disappearance of Sheriff Boyd’s daughter has everyone murmuring about a centuries old witch’s curse. 

But Sheriff Boyd’s not the only one investigating the disappearances. Anthony Evans has just arrived in town, and he’s quietly searching for answers about Ravenwood's insidious origins. Although the residents are reluctant to speak to outsiders about what they suspect, and even more so about what they fear...

The town curse.

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