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Dear Readers,

I finished writing the sequel to LOST IN STARLIGHT. I still get emails from book bloggers and readers asking when I'll publish the next novel in the series, so I'm happy to announce that by July 2016, the next thrilling episode will be released!

UNDER SUNLESS SKIES (book 2) of the Starlight Saga will continue right where the last book left off. Hayden and Sloane have some nasty new enemies to face and even bigger problems to resolve if they hope to rekindle their romance.

Now if you've already read, LOST IN STARLIGHT and your excited about Hayden and Sloane's next epic adventure, I have a favor to ask.

Please write an honest review of LIS and post it on Amazon or goodreads. It can be as long or as short as you'd like. Then leave a comment below with the URL to your review and I will pick a random a commenter to win a FREE eBook copy of UNDER SUNLESS SKIES.

Volume Two of the Starlight Saga

Heartbreak totally sucks. And trying to get over your secretive boyfriend? Even suckier.

For Sloane Masterson, her forbidden love with Hayden Lancaster has been a series of highs and lows that are majorly complicated by those annoying interstellar dating laws.

But once Sloane discovers a shocking family secret, she won’t let those lame rules get in her way—she’s on a mission to win back her hybrid!

Too bad getting back together with her ex isn’t Sloane’s only epic problem…

After receiving creeptastic blackmail messages, Sloane’s life becomes a real-life horror movie. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Hayden slimes her with smelly ectoplasm and freaky mutants start tracking her every move. Insert one more disaster…the unexpected arrival of Sector Thirteen.

If she hopes to survive all the crazy with Hayden at her side, Sloane needs to expose the blackmailer and get that potent residue off her skin—fast. Because with Sector Thirteen’s monsters hunting her, Sloane’s not going down without a fight, even if that means trusting the one boy who broke her heart.

*This series is intended for upper-YA readers, has lots of steamy romance and humor, and is not considered hardcore science fiction.


"...UNDER SUNLESS SKIES by Sherry Soule is 150% entertainment! From the quirky Sloane, the girl whose head we get to share, the girl whose heart we get to know and probably the girl we should fear if we ever make her mad! Non-stop twists, life-altering secrets and out of this world love and danger on each and every page! 

I laughed, I got hungry (our Sloane likes food almost as much as I do), I was on the edge of my seat as the bad guys are on the hunt and Sloane is their prey." -Dii reviewer of Tome Tender Blog


  1. I'm a sucker for cover number two.

  2. I choose # 4. It's unique and different.

  3. #2 Love this cover and this series!!

  4. I guess #2 is in the lead! I like #3 too, so it is a hard choice.

  5. I really do like #3, maybe I'll use it for book three in the series. ;-)

  6. What is the release date for this book? I thought it was being released last year? Your blog said fall 2015 I believe.

    1. Soon...hopefully within the next 3 months. ;-)


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