Special Announcement about the Spellbound Series

After reading a lot of reviews on the Spellbound series and comments from readers on places like goodreads, I decided to give the novels already published in the series a major overhaul.

The one thing that most of the comments and reviews had in common was the lack of romance. Basically, my readers wanted more “Trent” and now I am happy to comply!

Initially, the budding romance between Shiloh and Trent was more of a subplot. One of the first editors that I worked with on the series, Rochelle French advised me to strengthen the romance elements, yet at the time I didn’t want to. Now I wish I had listened. She was right, because it does have a lot of relevance to the overall storyline, which I realized as I started working on future books for the series. It needed to become more prominent in order for the series ARC to grow.

In the original drafts of Beautifully Broken, there were quite a few great scenes with Shiloh and Trent that had been omitted to keep the word count down. Now, if I were to go back and just insert those cut scenes into the published edition, then the book length would be much longer.

The problem with doing that is:

a.)         the bigger the word count, the more expensive it is to print

b.)         I didn’t want my readers to have to pay more for my novels

So after discussing it with my publisher and my awesome new editor, Deelylah Mullin, we decided to divide the first two books up into four parts. Each novel will contain new scenes filled with hot, sizzling character chemistry between the two stubborn love interests.

Think of these new editions as the “director’s cut” of a movie. The director's cut usually includes deleted scenes, and the film is often altered and enhanced.

The title for the first book in the series will remain the same, and the second will be entitled: “Shattered Silence.” The third novel will still be titled, “Moonlight Mayhem” and the fourth, “Reckless Revenge.” The fifth book in the series is entitled “Destiny Disrupted.”

And if any book review bloggers are interested in reading and reviewing the 2017 revised editions, please just let me know, my publisher and I would love more reviews for each publication. 

The novels will also get brand new covers in 2017. Please check this blog again soon for more details and announcements on future publications, and via my Twitter feed: @SherrySoule

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