Dark #YA Creepy Flash Fiction

My 500 flash fiction piece inspired by this picture: 

On the outskirts of Whispering Pines, there was a small lagoon bordering the city limits near Muir Woods. A special place to me. Somewhere I’d go when my issues with my mother got too much, or when I couldn’t take the school bully, Ashley’s taunts.
Fifteen minutes later, I parked, and hopped out of my Jeep. One side of the lagoon was a dense meadow and the other thick with trees, their torsos covered with moss. The forest had California bay, pine, maple, redwood, and Douglas fir.
Along the magnificent face of twilight, the sun pulled closed the drapes of night, creating more shadows and dark patches around me. Eyes twinkled from tree hollows. Winds yowled among malformed trunks and ancient ferns, carrying the sickly stench of decomposed wood and stagnant pools of water. The carpet of dead leaves and twigs snapped and crackled underfoot. Dark and dank, yes, but normally I felt safe here.
Until today.
I reclined against a fallen tree near the embankment, close to the edge of the water. Now I wished I'd changed out of this billowy, white summer dress I'd worn to school before coming to the lagoon. I closed my eyes. Let my senses absorb nature flourishing around me. Drawing energy from Mother Earth was another source of power. I sensed my aura all around me. I focused on it until I had a strong awareness of it. A white light radiated in spikes outward from my body. The earth, ferns, woods, wind, and water all lent me their energy. Magick gave me a pleasant buzz as it hummed through me.
A thin silver spark flew from my index finger and, like a lightning bolt, struck a pine across the lagoon. Smoke billowed from where I’d hit the trunk.
The atmosphere changed without warning. Fog wafted closer, like spectral hands seeking to pull me into the water. A familiar whooshing vibration startled me. 
Not now. My stomach churned. I blew out a long breath, laboring to steady my pulse. Unseen eyes watched from the mist. Crackling underbrush and breaking branches sounded close to the water's edge. Something lurked in the twilight—something otherworldly.
Suddenly the world was draped in an eddying, weaving gray fog. Winds became sharper, colder. It numbed my face. Things within the murky haze slithered along the sides of the entrance. Faint screams of lost souls penetrated the night. Dozens of shadowy corpses surrounded me. Ashen, skeletal bodies—flickered, bones protruding in their spectral cheekbones—stared with wide, empty eyes. Fear fluttered in my chest, but I flicked my scarred hand at them in a silent warning to stay back. They whooshed off in different directions, except one.
A woman with dark hair flying wildly into her translucent face materialized. She floated toward me in her dirty dress. Her eyes fierce. Sapphire flames.
My legs were limp and weak. Trembles racked my body.
I put my arms up in defense as the ghost floated closer. The back of my hands covered my eyes as though that would make the ghost disappear. Childish-I know! When I lowered my arms, I saw...

Her own arms were outstretched, her hands curled into claws. She clutched my throat, suffocating the scream trapped deep within my soul that begged for release…

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  1. Wow!! This is an incredible piece of flash fiction. Haunting and scary. Nicely done.

  2. Just makin' the rounds for the Dark YA Blogfest!

    Yeah... I totally missed out on last week's flash fiction piece. Life? WAY too busy!


    Seriously, way to go.

    Also, LOVE your blog background! So beautiful and mysterious. You go girl.

    P.s. New stalker alert!

  3. Glad you enjoyed my post! And I love new stalkers. :-D



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