A Strange Romantic Dream about #Zombies

Last night, I dreamed about zombies. It’s weird that I write and often dream about ghosts, vampires, witches, and demons, but I have never dreamed about zombies.
Sure I watch horror flicks and AMC’s The Walking Dead (So effing good!) but my dreams don’t usually include the undead.
Except it wasn’t a creepy dream, because it played out like movie. More like a terrible, haunting, romantic tale.
In my dream, zombies had taken over the world and I was trapped in my house. Outside the windows of my home were hundreds of zombies eating humans. It was like post-apocalypse world. It was chaotic and dismal. 
The man I loved (who resembled the actor, Sam Trammell from “True Blood" who plays Sam Merlotte) told me that I had to become a zombie or I would die. Kind of like becoming a vampire. He told me I had to eat brains to complete the change. I didn’t want to do it. I was grossed out. But I took his hand and together we roamed the streets.
And the weird part of the dream (As if zombies weren't enough?) was that I loved him. I mean really loved this dream-zombie guy, and so I decided to make the “change.” I ate some weird stuff like flesh and I thought I had died. It was painful. Then I felt better, although I didn’t look like the other zombies and either did my lover. We were just two zombies in love...
I suppose the dream could be made into a novel. It was long and very detailed. I think it would've made a great horror film too. A zombie love story. LOL
Besides, zombies aren't that scary. Right? I think they're fun to Tweet about because there's so much literature, movies, and sites devoted to the undead.
Let’s look at the zombie, shall we?
World-wide plague kills more than 99% of population in hours; a third of those reanimate after a few days. An actual zombie is a decomposing person, their muscles don’t heal with strain, and every shuffling step they take carries them one step closer toward eventual paralysis. In most stories, anyone who dies, no matter the reason, becomes one. Zombie bites will initiate the spread of infection, kill the host after a few hours, and then cause reanimation. Zombies generally have bite marks, missing limbs, open wounds and large amounts of blood on their clothes.
This wasn’t the first time I’ve dreamed about paranormal creatures, and I wasn’t frightened this time either. Monsters don’t scare me; they never have. In a good horror movie, yes they can be frightening, but not enough to give me bad dreams. The only scary movie with a creature that totally terrified me was in the film, JEEPERS CREEPERS. That demonic-thing was totally freaky! Still gives me shivers…
The nightmares that do scare me are the ones about bad things happening to my family and those dearest to me.  Not monsters. Or zombies. Nope… 

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  1. Eek...sort of a freaky dream, though, yes? It's been hard for me to take zombies seriously ever since Night of the Comet:)

  2. I had a dream really simaler to that. Remove the whole "Eat brains become zambie live forever" thing. It was a romantic zombie apocalypse thing.


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