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Just wanted to share this lovely and eloquently written review based on the Charmed Chronicles I received this morning. It made smile. (And I needed a smile today)  

"A great horror, thriller, and paranormal book that is a good, solid beginning to a series of fiction that YA’s and adults will love..."

Author: Sherry Soule
Publication Date: July, 2011
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor, Feathered Quill
Review Date: September 18, 2011 

Shiloh is a young girl involved in a past she doesn’t quite know everything about. Her father and mother are a bit “odd” and her family has been split down the middle over things she doesn’t really understand. 

Shiloh has the ability to see and hear the “shadows, wraiths, and spirits” that appear in her room and all around her; including a large “Nocturne” who tells her that, “Debts Must Be Paid.” Being the owner of a strange scar that goes from her wrist to her elbow, Shiloh seems to be marked by the spirits, hearing and seeing images from the past as they gather around her: Some wish Shiloh to help them, others are simply there to destroy Shiloh once and for all.

Living on the dismal northern shores of California in a place called Ravenwood, Shiloh is trying desperately to get used to the paranormal figures watching, talking, and following her around - including Easel, the huge ‘Shadow Man’ who is a spirit that wishes nothing more than for Shiloh to make a deal with the Devil.

In Ravenwood, there are teens disappearing - teens who were all a part of the original Thirteen families who settled the town of Ravenwood. In this original group were witches who built and ran the town - a town that is lovely during the day but, when twilight settles, is covered with a thick layer of fog that makes the town seem as if it is far away from any location in the country.

One day, at church, Shiloh sits in the pew beside her best friend Autumn- a strong, tough girl who goes to her school. When Trent Donovan appears - a handsome ‘rebel without a cause’ type, he can barely keep his eyes off Shiloh as the rumors begin to abound about he and his family. Long ago, Trent’s mother had been found dead, and his father caught up in a murder investigation of which he was cleared and freed. Where they live is the old Craven Manor that was once home to disturbed teenagers, murders, and creepy experiences. Now, the Donovan family is restoring Craven and Shiloh lands a job as an intern to help with the architectural renovations…or so she thinks.

Soon the story unfolds as Shiloh teams up with a “ghost hunter” to try and get the spirits to calm themselves and leave the mansion once and for all. Inside the ghostly building there are shadowy spirits after Shiloh, who try their best to kill her with everything from falling chandeliers to windows smashing down. Shiloh soon learns a variety of historical information including the fact that she must discover and “hone” her ‘gifts’ in order to save Trent Donovan from being the next victim of the “Nocturne.” And with this war comes a prophecy of the thirteenth Daughter - a girl who was born to save Ravenwood and banish the dark souls forever.

A truly interesting story that involves a deep mystery and powerful magic. The first in a truly adventurous series of Charmed Chronicles novels, for readers to find their way through the darkness as they stand beside Shiloh and watch her fight for her life, home, family, and true love.

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  1. I have had Beautifully Broken on my wishlist for a while, well I have finely broken down and hopped over to get it today ahead of the budget gods approval, but hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! Thank you for the lovely review :)

  2. Love it! And such a fantastic deal! Thanks for being awesome :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)


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