Future Publications by Sherry Soule


Series: The Fae Chronicles

Genre: Paranormal / Urban Fantasy

Maybe bad girls do have more fun…

After eighteen-year-old Kenzi McBride discovers her connection to an ancient legacy, she slowly accepts her destiny as a descendant of the mystical Fae. Once she taps into her inner-fairy, she not only awakens latent magical and clairvoyant abilities, but a confidence she formerly lacked. Now Kenzi is determined to end a bitter feud that has plagued her Fae family for centuries. Unfortunately, it will take more than a little fairy dust to cure this epic quarrel.

First, Kenzi will have to overcome quite a few otherworldly complications—including her growing attraction to Drake Devonshire, the handsome son of the rival family—while rebelling against the supernatural clan hierarchy. And just like Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Kenzi soon finds herself ensnared in a sinister web of cruel deceits and dangerous secrets.

But while Kenzi strives to protect her new family, the one thing that she should’ve been protecting was her heart....


Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance

Draven Scarlatti has always relished in his nocturnal, blood-sucking lifestyle until he moves to Shadow Falls and meets Siobhan. One look into her violet eyes ignites an unquenchable thirst within him. And not just for her blood. Somehow, this beautiful girl has imprinted herself onto his black little heart.

Torn between two vampire brothers, Siobhan Nolan realizes that when it comes to tough decisions, the only thing you can rely on is your heart. Unless there are pointy stakes lying around. Then, well, it sucks…

Falling Upward
Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy - Science Fiction
(post-apocalyptic flavor with zombies and a dash of romance)


Two sisters set out to help a seven-year-old girl find her parents. Along the way, they meet a band of six other survivors/fighters that are led by the ruggedly handsome, Jace.

(Set during the aftermath of the apocalyptic pandemic (from radiation fallout), the storyline pits its three protagonists—dubbed the “Survivors” two women and one ex-marine/former pastor—against hordes of the infected and other gun-toting bad guys on a mission to help a lost little girl find her parents. As the sisters travel across the wasteland left of the Bay Area, nothing will stand in their way -- not violent looters or an army of “infected.” But the group soon realizes that the fallout mutants aren't the worst of their problems....)

Paranormal Indulgence
GENRE: YA Paranormal Suspense
SERIES: Tales of a Teenage Succubus

Love can be dangerous. Literally.

That’s what seventeen-year-old, Envy DuPont thought after she almost drained the life out of her ex-boyfriend on  their first date. Scared, yet determined to come to terms with what she really is, Envy struggles to control her inner-demon.

When she meets the enigmatic Criss Moore who lives in seclusion near her family’s estate, she becomes even more confused by the intense feelings that threaten to ignite within her. Inexplicably drawn to the handsome loner—Envy fears that if she kisses Criss, she might extract his life-force. Romance is complicated enough without worrying about accidentally killing your date. Sometimes being a teenage succubus just plain sucks.

If that weren’t enough, her parents are mysteriously killed in a plane crash. Now Envy’s convinced her life is cursed. Trouble is, it’s starting to look as if there was nothing accidental about their deaths. And the closer Envy gets to the truth, the more dangerous things become. Especially, after she uncovers her otherworldly heritage.

Now Envy will have to succumb to her more deadly impulses if she’s going to expose the murderer, avenge her parents, and protect her legacy. But if Envy follows her darker instincts, she might lose more than she bargained for…she could lose the only boy she ever loved.


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